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It has been a little over a month now since the grand opening of Jock's Hangar bar in Disney Springs( formerly Downtown Disney) located in Orlando, Florida, and man is it awesome. I am a huge Indy fan and living in Orlando we don't have much in the theme park department that pays homage to one of the greatest movie characters of all time, Indiana Jones. Besides the soon to be closed Stunt show and a small section in the Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios there is nothing else for those die hard fans of the whip lashing adventurer...until now! Jock's Hangar pays tribute to Indy's trustworthy, plane flying and pet snake owning friend who gets Jones of danger at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Though his screen time was minimal, Disney manage to not only create a theme out of him but a in depth storyline behind the adventures of Jock Lindsey himself.

This location is strictly a bar, with a small selection of tapas ( small appetizer like dishes) to choose from. The Liquor selection is surprising for being a disney bar. Along with a full running bar Jock's Hangar comes with a healthy choice of unique specialty drinks, each drink comes with a small story under the drinks description, making the time it takes to choose a drink that much longer as you enjoy reading a Journal per say. Prices are fair especially for being on disney property, ranging from the eight to twelve dollar range for drinks, excluded from this are a few drinks that may hit the twenty dollar range, but thats for the scotch lovers. Also with some of these drinks come special souvenirs to take home, whether for free or an additional cost. I myself grabbed a drink called Reggie's revenge. Reggie is the name of Jock's pet snake from the film, and the sweet delicious drink came with a liquor stirrer that had reggie wrapping around it.

Though most of the detail comes from inside of the hangar, most of the space is set outside around the hangar. All of the detail is inside of the bar, everything from plane parts to Hidden surprises from Raiders of the lost ark. Though the staff who work there are reluctant to help point out the secret items around the bar, I did find the Original Idol that set off the boulder trap in the first film. How it got from Indy, belloq and then to Jock's hands remain to be seen. I also found the headpiece of the staff of Ra that helped indy pinpoint the location of the Ark. It was sitting in the lost and found section of the hangar. Besides this, apparently there is much more. The thing is, the inside of the bar is pretty tiny, so looking around for items may prove difficult in a crowded room. The outside is the general seating area. I love they have a boat on the side of the bar with nice cushioned seats you can lounge around. When there is a cool night, which is rare in Orlando, this is very relaxing.

Overall This is a must stop bar for any fan of Indiana Jones, and for the most part keeps the visiting families from crowding in due to the alcohol over food menu. Take a stop by, enjoy some amazing drinks and see if you can find any other hidden gems and post them on Moviepilot!


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