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This week's episode was definitely a step up from the last couple episodes. Instead of focusing on world ending events (well, partially), it focused more on the dynamics of the characters. Such as Ana Montes (Aimee Carrero), a teenage hacker with chemistry to boot with all the characters, like the tirade between Montes and Patterson over how to hack and what format should be used.

At first Montes was thought to be evil. She had created a program that tracks government vehicles. Due to that program, an assassination was carried out leading to the killings of a Prince. However, Montes actually thinks that she's doing good insisting that she works with the NSA. Poor girl had no idea she was being used, along with her program.

While all that is going down Jane is having nightmares. Well, one nightmare to be exact. She's with a man, a tattooed man. Who is he? We may not know for awhile. But I'm surprised that she hasn't had more nightmares. I mean, every week they explore a tattoo and she has no idea where they came from. If she's actually a good person. The dynamic between Ana and Jane was heart-wrenching, as Jane attempted to reach out. Even though the reaching out was more for Jane's benefit then Ana's (made evident when she tried asking her bodyguards out for a drink).

Cede Your Soul
Cede Your Soul

I hope out hope that Ana might return, not only because of the chemistry (and because I just like the character Ana), but because she pointed out steganography in Jane's tattoos (the big black nothingness that covers up Jane's Seal tattoo).

Steganography: the practice of concealing messages or information within other non-secret text or data.
Black box on her right shoulder contains more than one secret.
Black box on her right shoulder contains more than one secret.

This new piece of information has them looking for other hidden messages hidden among the already "solved" tattoos.

Jane and Weller attempting to set boundaries was painful to watch. It would have just been better, in opinion, if they carried on as they were. The whole objectivity of Weller pertaining to Jane went out the window when he thought she was Taylor (which is still up in the air at this point). Weller in this episode was micro-managing everything Jane did. Example, when Jane put her gun holster in the wrong place. Really Weller? I know that this was an attempt at him being professional around Jane, but it didn't read that way. Once again, another painful scene between the two of them. Is this what unrequited love looks like? Not to mention the scenes between him and his father, which are excessive to say the least. Are they necessary?


Ana Montes (Aimee Carrero), had awesome chemistry with all the on screen characters. Particularly between her and Patterson. The emotional arc that Jane was going through was aided by Ana, which was also great to watch (minus the scenes with Weller). Zapata's gambling debt was an interest, especially when she placed him an arm lock.

All and all, this episode wasn't too bad, I particularly like when they teased with the guy with the tree tattoo on his arm which we say during Jane's dream.

Hoping for a good next episode.

Still from next weeks episode "Sent on Tour".
Still from next weeks episode "Sent on Tour".

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