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In Hollywood, or "The Industry" as many people who work in entertainment call it, the goal is to be remembered. Underneath all the glitz and glamour and the many different ways to acquire fame, I think, is this strong desire to build a legacy that lives on longer than the individual can.

Before I looked into the requirements of getting on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, I thought of it as an esteemed group of the Hollywood elite, but a quick investigation was all it took to find out Shrek has a star - and plenty of other random fools as well, fictional or otherwise.

It costs $30,000 to get a star... that's for anybody. So, honestly, if some of my friends pool enough money together, we could get a star that says whatever we want. Well, I don't know... they probably would have to verify it. Damn, there goes my idea for a "Poopy McPooperpants" star submission. SMH.

Anyway, here are 10 controversial Walk of Fame star owners that I don't want to say don't deserve it... but who kind of detract from the credibility of the collection of stars on one of L.A.'s most iconic streets.

1. Ryan Seacrest has a star for unknown reasons

Okay, at the risk of coming across as a huge hater, Ryan Seacrest... the same dude who has a new TV series coming out called Squad Goals... has a star. Nah, man...

2. Simon Fuller a.k.a. the American Idol creator has one

Damn, let me get one! American Idol admittedly was a massive hit, but does coming up with a singing competition deserve a reminder of your existence for literally forever?

3. Like I said, Shrek has a star

Shrek really does deserve a star, but only if he proves to be a real person. This Shrek is fun to look at, but it doesn't look anything like the Shrek I know and love. I guess the bottom line is I call BS on this being the real Shrek. Otherwise, no problem with this at all.

4. I'll quit playing games with your heart... and say that the Backstreet Boys, while controversial, DO deserve a star

The Backstreet Boys are a memorable group, sure. But immortal? Let's be real. Not a single one of the Backstreet Boys is still famous today.

5. A lot of people hate Chuck Lorre and don't think he deserves a star... debatable

TV bigwig and The Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre has a star which bums quite a few people out for some reason. I still think the on-stage and on-screen stars shine a bit more brightly than the behind-the-scenes folks. But maybe that's just me.

6. Donald Trump has one because, money

This is so obvious but also so depressing all at once. Trump used leverage (something he's amazing at doing) and money (something he has in abundance) to finesse his way into getting a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

7. The Rugrats having a star is something I personally enjoy, but meh...

The Rugrats could be even worse than Shrek, honestly. I mean, I actually would've thought it could be cuter if it was Tommy Pickles but just grouping them all together seems lame, IMHO.

8. The dude from 'The Mentalist' has one

Simon Baker has one. If you find yourself wondering who that is, he's "that guy from The Mentalist" and he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Life isn't fair, guys.

9. Absolut Vodka has a star, too?

No, just no. This isn't right. Why on Earth is Absolut Vodka allowed to have a star on the Walk of Fame? Money (in the form of advertising dollars) once again is the culprit here...

10. Terry Bradshaw has one

Yes, I'm aware that this photo is pretty crappy, but it was the only one I could find of this truly random star ceremony. Terry Bradshaw was a great quarterback back in the day... well before the insane athletes of the current NFL played. And he became a decent commentator after his career was completed. But do any people, other than serious football fans, outside of Pittsburgh know who this man is?


These stars are not as hard to get as you may think. But do they really even mean anything anyway? I truly don't know.

(Via: Complex, RantHollywood)


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