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Empire recently previewed their December issue, and it's just filled with Suicide Squad goodness. This issue provides a very in-depth look into the story and the characters without spoiling anything, so allow me to dissect and provide you with all the information you need about this crazy Bad vs Evil movie!

NOTE: This article is a bit longer as it discusses everything in-depth about Suicide Squad revelations from Empire magazine, so feel free to skip the topic(s) that you already know. Also if you do not know anything about Suicide Squad and wanna know about this upcoming movie, THIS ARTICLE IS ESPECIALLY FOR YOU.

The Concept

For starters, Task Force X (colloquially named Suicide Squad by its team members) is a secretive black ops unit comprised of the worst bad guys ever and commanded by Amanda Waller from her high security prison known as Belle Reeve.

Amanda 'The Wall" Waller
Amanda 'The Wall" Waller

One may ask how can a person control a bunch of crazy bad guys? The wise people will respond with "never mess with Amanda Waller" -- she has these guys locked up in that inescapable prison for a lifetime, and has implanted nano-bombs in their necks which will go off whenever these bad guys disobey her!

Thus, they are forced to take part in extremely high risk missions (which might result in their deaths as well thus the apt title of Suicide Squad) in exchange for reduced prison sentences and criminal records. Moreover, it's more super convenient for Amanda Waller to put the blame totally on them and escape from the scene because they are the "bad guys".

The Synopsis and Theme of the movie

According to writer/director David Ayer, the team is "after a high value target that they have to go in and rescue. When they make the attempt, they realize that's not the end as things go terribly wrong."

He elaborates on the film, saying: "f*ck good vs bad it's done plenty of times, now's the time for "Bad vs Evil it's more interesting"


Below, I've broken down the cinematic backstories and characterizations that you can expect in the film.

Task Force X:

Rick Flag (Played by Joel Kinnaman)

The highest level operator working for the government and Rich Flag is also the leader of Task Force X, Moreover, he’s a really tough guy, tough enough to command and babysit the Suicide Squad, and his speciality is strategic command.

Deadshot AKA Floyd Lawton (Played by Will Smith)

A hired gunman who is famously known for never missing his targets, in this movie we meet him as a man who has hit a really big career score and wants to retire so that he can start a new life with his daughter. But something goes terribly wrong, and suddenly he’s locked up in Belle Reeve for life. Out of all the squad mates, Deadshot troubles Rick Flag the most (maybe he doesn't take orders well). His speciality is marksmanship.

Harley Quinn AKA Dr. Harleen Quinzel (Played by Margot Robbie)

We will meet Harley as the psychologist, Doctor Harleen Quinzel (the woman who examined Joker and eventually got brain washed by his madness) before she transforms into this crazy girl. She's the resident troublemaker in the squad, but always up for something, especially if it means breaking things and making more trouble. Her speciality is mischief.

Killer Croc AKA Waylon Jones (Played by Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje)

As a child, he got a disease that turned him into this reptilian monster. He’s a cannibal with rage issues but eats only the most talented people and thus is picky with his special course meal. His speciality is brutally powerful brawling, and he calls his signature move "The Death Roll".

What's interesting is that he might very well the comic relief in this movie, because there was a particular scene inside of an helicopter with the squad and some Navy SEALs and this guy just spewed up half digested goat meat onto the floor of the helicopter, he then scoops some of the vomit back into his mouth!

Diablo AKA Chato Santana (Played by Jay Hernandez)

A former LA gang member who can summon and manipulate hellfire. When all the other bad guys are happy to go out and kill people, he prefers to stay out of it all, but he's so dangerous that he's imprisoned inside a giant metal tube, which eventually floods pushes him out like this:

Boomerang AKA George "Digger" Harkness (Played by Jai Courtney)

An Australian brawler who has a knack for hand held projectile weapons, especially boomerangs, this guy is described as absolute bogan (Australian slang for "a person lacking manners, grace and sophistication or a person of low social status") in the purest sense. He also happens to be a person who is quite racist and cracks up jokes, consider him to be a comic relief of some sort in this movie. His speciality is curved throwing tools.

Slipknot AKA Christopher Weiss (Played by Adam Beach)

Well this guy is a weird one, because his speciality and skills are all about ropes and knots. Still, Christopher Weiss warns fans that he's quite formidable -- don't turn your back on him. He hangs people for living and can literally climb anything!

Katana AKA Tatsu Yamashiro (Played by Karen Fukuhara)

She's an odd one out as she is not a criminal and she's not a prisoner of Belle Reeve. In fact, she's a volunteer for the Task Force X program and the personal bodyguard of Rick Flag (just in case one of his new teammates ever tries to kill him). She is known for her morals and codes but also for slicing through hundreds of men without batting an eye.

She has her famous Soultaker sword (You read that right -- it's a sword that traps the soul of its victims) and for anyone wondering, the Japanese characters over her costume that says "I weep thinking of him," a hint at the potential death of her husband ahead of the story.

The Supporting Roles

Enchantress a.k.a June Moon (Played by Cara Delevigne)

Eerie, otherworldly and colossally powerful is an apt description for the magical witch known as Enchantress. A spirit trapped within the body of June Moon, an adventure seeking woman, who on one fateful day came across a cave that entrapped this witch’s spirit. This character is unstable and has split personality issues. Her speciality is sorcery and f**cking magic. And no, she is not a member of Task Force X.

June Moon exploring the cave.
June Moon exploring the cave.

She may very well be the high profile target that Amanda Waller and Suicide Squad are after for.

Joker (Played by Jared Leto)

David Ayer recalls that reinventing Joker after Heath Ledger's performance from The Dark Knight was an herculean task but confirms that this Joker is "more majestic and cerebral" than one might expect. Producer Charles Roven chimes in by saying: "he's more social ... A very successful and smart businessman besides being a sociopath."

Empire confirmed that legendary Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky was a design influence, and the costumes were inspired from Mexican cartel lords. Ayer also claims that Jared Leto's Joker will be the creepiest Joker to ever hit the big screen!

Obviously, Joker is not a part of Task Force X, and by the looks of it he's not the main baddie in this film either. It looks like he'll have Hannibal Lecter kinda supporting role where he's more of a behind the scenes player who plays psychological games -- and as a dark staple of Harley Quinn's past, we'll probably get a lot of backstory between the two of them.

FUN FACT: Jared Leto took the method acting to the extreme levels and never broke out of the character in the 6 months production schedule. His co-stars support this claim by saying that they never met Jared Leto on or off the set during the production.

Amanda Waller (Played by Viola Davis)

She's the warden of super prison Belle Reeve and runs the Task Force X program but If there's a definition of badass we can use Amanda Waller as an example, for instance she can even stop Batman in his tracks and he can do nothing about it! she plays that kinda political mind games.

Viola Davis described Waller, making it clear that she is not a hero. "She's relentless in her villainy.... When you look at her, there's nothing that seems dangerous. Her only power is her intelligence and complete lack of guilt."

She's not a villain per se, because her agenda is to serve towards America's safety and security; still, her methods are extremely unconventional, brutal and questionable but efficient. Perhaps the best way to define Waller is as a "semi villain," because she will work with the heroes of this movie The Suicide Squad. Oh Lord, the irony!


The Batman AKA Bruce Wayne (Played by Ben Affleck)

Yes, Batman will have a cameo in this movie -- not only as The Dark Knight but also as the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne as seen in the set picture above. He was seen chasing Joker on top of his Joker Car from the set pictures and also from the trailer.

It is also confirmed that Batman locked up almost all of the criminals who are currently spending their life at Belle Reeve, so expect these bad guys to have a very personal grudge against the Batman. You can also expect a lot of references and subtle character developments given for Batman considering how most of the villains in this movie are from Batman's rogue's gallery.

Other Villains from the DC universe

At it's core, Suicide Squad is about the villains of the DC Extended Universe -- so naturally, this film will be filled with cameos from various villains in the DC universe. Among those the on the shortlist are...

Tattooed Man AKA Mark Richards (Played by Common)

As the name implies a street tough with a lot of tattoo's but with a twist: his tattoo's are live and can come to life so as to use them as dangerous weapons, somewhat like Green Lantern's energy constructs.

King Shark AKA Nanaue (Played by Raymond Olubowale)

A giant and violent humanoid shark and a long time Suicide Squad member in the New 52 DC comics, his role in this movie is unknown but the character is brought to screen by this 6'7" boxer turned actor.

Love Triangles and more!

It has been confirmed that there is a love triangle between Harley Quinn, Joker and Deadshot, much like the New 52 series. David Ayer explained the dynamic to Empire:

When you follow the story it's about her breaking free of Joker and becoming this fully actualized, independent person. That really is the metaphor for everyone's journey here.

Ayer also cleverly hints at the theme of the movie with the above statement. This movie will end up being villain's finding purpose in their respective lives; for some, it might be redemption, and for others it might be about how to kill their enemy (Batman, for example) successfully. But one thing's for sure -- we are gonna root for the psychos, killers, freaks and twisted bad guys in this movie!

And here are the Empire Magazine covers !

Wrapping It Up

Whew! This was a big article for sure. My main goal here was to provide a one stop destination for anyone who is trying to learn about this movie without having to jump between between multiple sites and web pages, and I think I achieved that. (Let me know in the comments)

In my opinion, this is the most unique upcoming film from the Comic Book Movie genre, because it's about bad guys fighting other bad guys and we rooting for bad guys who are actually the good guys in this movie. With David Ayer on directing and scripting duties, along with a top class ensemble, we are sure to experience one of the best comic book movies of 2016!

It's a no brainer but just saying, this movie is designed in such a way that it sets up a lot of things for the DC Extended Universe just like Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice so don't miss this epic team up event of the super villains.

PS. This Issue from Empire magazine pretty much proves that Jason Todd is not the Joker, yeah you heard that right. F*CK YOU JASON TODD IS JOKER THEORY, JUST F*CK OFF!


What do you think about this movie.


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