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These days, becoming a celebrity in the Internet age comes with a whole new assortment of issues. Invasive paparazzi, constant social media spamming, and marriage proposals are all pretty much expected, but when meme culture gets ahold of something, all bets are off.

Case in point: One unflattering photo of Demi Lovato, once filtered through the unpredictable minds of Tumblr, led to a massive conspiracy theory. In the blink of an eye, everyone was speculating that the singer has been keeping a hidden twin locked in her basement for years. In other words, the Internet has become an updated game of telephone, but the results get distributed worldwide.

Here's the full story of how Poot Lovato became an online sensation so huge that even Demi took notice.

It all started with this one photo

Tumblr user cstcrpt originally posted the unfortunate shot, and it wasn't long before it started racking up thousands of notes. Demi fans and haters alike united to celebrate the creation of the new meme, making the caption as indelible as the picture itself.

And with that, Poot was born (or exposed, as her supporters would have us believe). As she began making the rounds across the site, the legend of Poot only grew.

Poot became such a phenomenon, she quickly got her own official Twitter account

It's mostly full of barbs flung at Demi and some majorly NSFW content. If she was really silent for years, Poot has definitely discovered her voice now.

Fan-made parodies and tributes quickly followed

They frequently towed the line between loving Demi and tearing her down.

Comparisons to American Horror Story's Pepper were inevitable

Thanks to Poot's hair appearing to be shaved on the sides.

Soon after, Poot moved beyond Tumblr to legitimizing sites

A surprisingly length Wikipedia article appeared, claiming that Poot has the "voice of a feral angel." It has since been taken down.

An insanely elaborate story on WattPad imagined an exposé revealing Poot's past that no one ever knew.

At this point, the meme had taken on a life of its own, growing exponentially past that one quick post.

The real moment Poot was born makes the meme even more unreal

Someone managed to track down the exact moment when the Poot photo was shot (because everything is possible online). Poor Demi was posing up a storm and just got caught between bad lighting and a bad angle.

I guess that's all that's needed for meme potential.

When Demi discovered Poot, she was vocally offended

She took to Twitter to air out her thoughts on Poot, but quickly deleted her comments. As with anything on the Internet, though, once it's there, it can never truly be dead.

And by that logic, we may just be seeing more of Poot Lovato for weeks to come. Who knows, I'd be willing to bet that some quick-thinking creatives already have her planned as a Halloween costume. But Demi's response raises the question: Was Poot in good fun, or are people being downright cruel?

(Source: Tumblr)


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