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Harley Quinn was this year's most popular lady to prance around as on Halloween, which may not come as a surprise to some of you. With the excitement around the upcoming Suicide Squad and the ever-growing mania around superheroes, Harley Quinn has topped the charts for this year's most desired Halloween costume. The character has been around since the mid-'90s and iterations of her playful demeanor seem to have been cosplayed for just as long.

Between cartoons, comics, games and movies, we've seen a fair share of artists' renditions of this peppy sidekick -- all awesome and unique! Here are some incredible cosplays based on this lovable baddie!

1. Classic Harley Quinn (1992)

2. Arkham Asylum (2009) Harley Quinn

3. Arkham City (2011) Harley Quinn

4. Harley Quinn New 52 (2011)

5. Arkham Knight (2015) Harley Quinn

6. Suicide Squad (2016) Harley Quinn

Besides these official Harley Quinn cosplays there are an unlimited number of mashed up and creative Harleys you can be! For instance...

Burlesque Harley Quinn

Via Etsy
Via Etsy

Etsy: VivaWW

Deadpool Harley Quinn

Via femininemissgeek.tumblr and Pinterest
Via femininemissgeek.tumblr and Pinterest

Boba Fett Harley Quinn

Via comicbookcosplay.tumblr
Via comicbookcosplay.tumblr

Cosplayer: Annaka

Catwoman Harley Quinn

Via omicbookcosplay.tumblr
Via omicbookcosplay.tumblr

Cosplayer: Eleae Noir

Masquerade Ball Harley Quinn

DeviantArt: XjonetsuX

Steampunk Harley Quinn

Slave Leia Harley Quinn

Dragoncon 2012
Dragoncon 2012

Photo by: Chaines106


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