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No intro lets get right to IT!

  • When she said there is no such then as aliens to her but don't the world know about Superman.
  • Why would she think the world would be shock...again superman exist
  • So they knew for years about the Phantom Zone prisoners being on earth...and didn't bother to tell Superman
  • The cliche "catch a plane" scene
  • So superman just gonna drop his only blood relative off with humans to raise
  • It seems they just swapped out Clark with girl....they could have at least have her work in a different industry
  • The acting (probably get better as the season continues)
  • So her sister just gonna openly talk about her secret identity in the hallway of her apartment complex, like she don't have neighbors
  • Why was her sister just now informing her about Kryptonite.... ummm Superman should have told her that day one.

Now it may seem that I hate this show, but this is just the first episode so it has time to get better...I thought ARROW was trash after the first few episode. I was mistaking. I wanted to mention the things that I haven't seen or heard from any other reviews.

Thanks for checking out my review...I'm King Maxie...................

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