ByMatthew Clifton, writer at
Matthew Clifton

Now back in 1991 there was a game called robocop vs terminator on the megadrive.Now for years i have been wanting them to make a movie out of it. But it will not happen which sucks on so many levels as if they make it an 18 and bring in the carnage from the original robocop and the first terminator film we will get a brutal film with all the carnage robocop and terminator fans alike will enjoy.And i don't know why they wont do it.they did alien vs predator and they have already turned games into films...tomb raider,streetfighter and so on so why not make this into a film get the right director and the perfect stars even if they use Arnie but only as a flashback and have the resistance take robocop out of cryostasis and re-programme him to fight the terminators...... I know i am not the only one who would like to see this hit the big screen.


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