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Jamil Wright

Spoiler Alert

So a new video has come out suggesting that a certain Avenger will change sides during the events of [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). Turns out that certain someone is none other than:

The Vision

Yep that's right. We've seen from promo art that Vision is on Iron Man's team:

But what would make him change sides? Lets find out.

So from what this video is telling us, the reason for Vision's team swap is Scarlet Witch. It also says that the Vision and Scarlet Witch will indeed have some sort of relationship with each other. Could this be why Vision has a change of heart and moves to Captain America's side?

Vision in space?

Another thing the video tells us is that Vision will be heading into space after the events of Civil War are over. What could this mean? Could this be how Thanos obtains the mind stone? Could Vision end up in Thor: Ragnarok along with the Hulk? What if the Vision came across the Guardians of the Galaxy? This could mean a lot of things and I'm sure Marvel will use this to their advantage.

What do you think?


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