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The Story:

Barry and the team are desperately trying save Professor Stein by finding a someone to be the other of Firestorm. The search brings them two candidates. Jefferson "Jax" Jackson and Dr. Hewitt, one being a former high school football and the other a scientist. Dr. Stein tries to merge with Hewitt, but fails to do so, with Hewitt storming out. Barry brings in Jax, but the team is not able to convince him to do so the first time. Caitlin meets him at his auto shop and tells him Ronnie's story. They are then attacked by Hewitt who was affected by the matrix. Jax finally agrees and fuses with Stein. They face off with Hewitt at Jax's old high school with the former angry with Stein's "choice". They work together and are able to defeat him. Harrison Wells is seen at Mercury Labs by his former colleague stealing a piece of equipment so she calls Joe West to confirm whether he really died. Joe tells Patty not to tell Barry about Wells' return. Meanwhile Iris finally meets with her mother, but tells her to stay away. She tells Joe about her sickness and asks him to talk to Iris. Stein and Jax leave to learn how to control the Firestorm together. Stein tells Cisco to tell the others about his meta human abilities. Iris meets with her a final time and tells her she knows she is lying and found out about her son. A hooded man saves Barry and Patty from King Shark who was sent by Zoom. Barry goes to confront the man who reveals himself to be Harrison Wells, surprising Barry.

The Action:

Like every episode we have Barry using his powers to save the day and this one is no different. We have some Firestorm action going here and that was pretty cool to see Jax trying to get the hang on being a hero in such a short time. Then again he has the best co-pilot ever in Stein. The villain was a bit of a disappointment though. He pretty much just showed off his power and Jax even pointed out his lack of fighting skills.

New Characters/Cameos:

Jefferson "Jax" Jackson: A lot of us were expecting Jason Rusch to step up as Firestorm when we were introduced to him in the first season. Jax adds something new to the table though. With Ronnie gone and Stein needing someone to be the vessel, Jax had all the qualities to be a superhero. He may have turned it down once, but he made the right choice in the end.

Dr. Henry Hewitt: He was an easy one and done villain. They built him up to seem like he was going to put up a fight, but that lasted about a minute. All that showboating just to be taken down so quickly.

King Shark: Patty mentioned to Barry that she was investigating a lead on a a meta that was a man shark. I thought this was just a nod to the character then boom! What a way to interrupt a motivational moment for Barry. King Shark comes out of the woodwork to start choking the life out of Barry and revealing Zoom sent him. Hopefully Harrison did not kill him. It would be really interesting to see Barry fight him.

Harrison Wells: One can only hope that Earth 2 Wells has stepped through to Earth 1 with good intentions. He did save Barry and Patty at the end there from getting mauled by King Shark, but we will have to see.

Character Interactions:

Barry and Patty- These two seem to be getting closer, even though Barry tries to keep his distance. It's just a matter of time Patty learn Barry's secret. Why haven't you given your number to her yet Barry, WHY?!

Iris and Francine- She's decided to talk to her mother, but pushes her away like Joe. When she meets with her again to talk about her sickness, she calls her out on another lie. That being her son, who she failed to tell her and Joe about. Will we be introduced to Daniel West sometime soon? Wally West maybe? Exciting stuff to think about.

Dr. Stein and Jax- Ah Ronnie, how we miss you. For now though, Jax fits the bill perfectly. They merged seemlessly and got along quite well. At first I wanted to bonk him on the head for turning down the offer of being a superhero.

Cisco and Dr. Stein- That scene there at the end with Stein saying "The very thing that makes you different, is what makes you special. Tell your friends." had me a little teary eyed. These two have had some moments this season, and this one was up there.

Team Flash and Jax- It took a little convincing and an attempt on his life for him to join the team, but he did eventually. Good thing Caitlin pulled the Ronnie card to get Jax on board with the hero thing.

Dr.Stein and Dr. Henry Hewitt- This guy did not make the best first impression at all. being one of the potential matches, this hotheads fuse blew out before he could even get the job done. He apparently wasn't worthy.

Barry and Harrison- The episode cut right after this, but that was super exciting. This is not exactly the man who killed his mom, just someone who looks like him. It will be interesting to see why and how he ended up there.

Easter Eggs:

New 52- Dr. Hewitt is seen watching the news which is coincidentally on channel 52. Didn't think we would catch that did ya, CW.

In the same scene there is a substance on the table resembling what we believe to be kryptonite. Cisco was analyzing the same thing a few episodes ago.

This is a pretty small thing, but Cisco seems to be getting closer to his VIbe persona. With the wisdom of Stein to embrace who he is, will we see him suit up soon? Looks like he's chosen the color of his clothes wisely this episode.

What's to Come/Theories:

The preview showed Wells from Earth 2 meeting with Team Flash. He warns them of the danger coming their way just like Jay did. With that being said where is Jay? He wasn't here this episode and all of a sudden Wells shows up. Hmm. With Iris finding out about Francine's son, will we be introduced to Daniel West? One would think so.

Final Thoughts:

That was one hell of an episode. It did not have to much fighting, but then again the story is so rich. We get a whole lot of surprises and cameos that made up for all of that. Very solid episode for me. What did you guys think about this episode. Leave it in the comments below!

The Flash continues Tuesdays on The CW.


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