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When Ash vs. Evil Dead was announced a little over a year ago, fans of the Sam Raimi classic rejoiced, and Bruce Campbell fans could look forward to seeing him chop his arm back off and grab his boomstick to fight the evil forces of the Deadites once again.

Now, fans can look forward to seeing the adventure of Ashley J. Williams continue --- BEFORE IT RE-BEGINS. Deadline has now reported on Wednesday that Starz has renewed the horror-comedy reboot for a second season, THREE DAYS ahead of its Halloween night premiere.

Early buzz for the show has already been great, the show holding a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with 11 total reviews. Variety critic Brian Lowry considered it a fun and self-aware show.

It's goofy, doesn't take itself too seriously, and certainly feels well-calibrated to a very particular appetite that's uniquely suited to pay cable.

As a fan of the original Evil Dead franchise myself, my anticipation levels are high for the show, and I am looking forward to sitting down at home and enjoying the marathon of the original trilogy before the 9 p.m. premiere of Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Here's an extended look at the upcoming Starz horror-comedy:


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