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Game of Thrones' sixth season is probably the most anticipated return of any series running right now on any network. And I think we all know why. Well, there are many reasons why. One in particular that many people, including those who've read the books and those who haven't, are still yearning to see the result of. But before we get to that, I'd like to touch on a speculation that has been going around the GoT campfire lately that have led me to this very strong belief.

Before you read on any further, I feel the need to point out: Spoiler Alert

1) Winter Is Coming. So Is Ned Stark

Yes, this article does have something to do with the tragedy-riddled Stark family. HBO has revealed that Ned Stark will be returning for the show's sixth season. However, he will not be played by the death magnet that is Sean Bean. Instead, the character will be taken on by a younger actor for a flashback into the character's mysterious past. (R+L=J, am I right?) This is what initially started me on the path to believing another character was going to making a triumphant return though it wasn't really enough to solidify that belief.

2) Dead Is Dead. But Dead Is Not Gone.

Game of Thrones actor, Kit Harrington, who portrays (portrayed?) Jon Snow on the hit HBO series, was unfortunately killed off at the end of season five. Many people still question whether or not it was legitimate and hold firmly onto the belief that Jon will be back in one form or another. This got me thinking about other characters that had been killed off in past seasons. There were so many that we desperately want to see again and if it is true that Jon Snow is coming back for season 6, why not some of the others?

Oh and remember people, just because this lady is around, doesn't mean she has anything to do with it. There's more than one way to prop up a dead body.

SPOILER ALERT (and likely conclusion): Jon Snow is coming back. We just don't know how yet.

3) All Men Must Die. But Him Especially!

Who doesn't remember this asshole? Sorry, I still have some residual anger left over from season three. I'm working on it, I promise. Viewers haven't seen nor heard from Lord Walder Frey since the massacre also known as the Red Wedding. Recent sightings of the actor who portrayed the despised character, in and around where Game of Thrones is filmed has given fans the inclination that he is returning as well. But for what purpose? Surely after all this time, there can't be much use of him. Unless.....

"She Don't Speak. But She Remembers."

Last we saw Catelyn Stark, her throat was being cut at the hands of Walder Frey's son at the Red Wedding. This event also claimed the life of her son, Robb, her daughter-in-law, and unborn grandson. Now, in the books, following Catelyn's untimely demise, her dead body is discovered floating in the river by none other than Beric Dondarrion and The Brotherhood Without Banners. You remember Beric, right? He was the guy who died a lot and then subsequently came back a lot.

In the books, Beric passes on his gift of resurrection to the recently departed Catelyn Stark. A kiss of life, if you will. Author George R.R. Martin explained the reason he did this was because he wanted to showcase how death changes a person. Most people who know about this event know that Catelyn Stark takes on the mantle of leader to the Brotherhood under her new name, Lady Stoneheart.

Casting news, rumors aplenty and sightings of recently departed fan favorites all give way to the belief that this may indeed be the year that Game of Thrones brings us the gift of vengeance in the form of Lady Stoneheart. This is good news for some, but not for all. Without getting too deep into spoiler territory, a few other characters besides Lord Frey may want to watch their backs, if this is the game plan here. I'm not naming names...


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