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Another episode of The Flash premiered this week, and it was a good one. It's one of those fun ones that you will go back and watch and have a fun time watching. Plus, the ending was a huge twist. Let's get into it, and obviously, SPOILERS LIE AHEAD!!!

Meet Jax

Jefferson Jackson was going to go to college to become a pro football player. The particle accelerator hit him and he broke his knee and tore his ACL, meaning he could not play football. He was getting a scholarship and now he could not afford college, so he opened a repair shop.

Jax had a nice arc because becoming a superhero changes your life, obviously. Since he couldn't play football anymore and then not go to college, he didn't know who he was supposed to be. He was supposed to be a football player and now he can't, so now what? Well, he works in a car repair shop. This is not who Jax really is. In the episode when Barry and Professor Stein go to find him, he says he could only help with fixing their cars, nothing else.

He was presented with the opportunity to become something bigger, because if you didn't understand, Jax was the other half of Professor Stein. He didn't take it right away because he wasn't sure who he was. He then realized this is who he is now and he became Firestorm. Professor Stein and Jax will be on Legends of Tomorrow together, and Jax will have developed a lot more in character.

Mommy Problems

Francine is dying and she wants to re-connect with Iris. Iris does not want to and slays Francine. She told Francine never to reconnect with her and asked her to stay out of her life. Joe is letting Iris make her own decisions. Francine said she would never lie to her daughter, but Iris discovered that she has a brother born 8 months after him. It's 8 months on purpose because that's the longest time period that Francine and Joe could have rubbed body parts and before Francine split. Who's this mystery child you may ask? Wally West.

In the comics, Wally West is cousins with Iris. I thought that Wally West was going to be from Earth 2 but it looks likes he will be introduced, fairly soon, on Earth 1. Next episode seems jam-packed but in a few episodes, we will see Iris' family expand.

Meet King Shark and Harrison Wells

The thing that really annoyed me was that Patty showed Barry the shark teeth and told Barry about a 'walking man-shark' and Barry completely blew it off. Besides that, this was awesome! Is it just me or did you guys think for a split second I thought it was Gorilla Grodd, tell me in the comments. This was just as good, though. The CGI looked amazing for King Shark! I really like his voice too! Patty comes in very brave to the job and decides to shoot a man-walking shark with a pistol, good plan. She almost died but thanks to Harrison Wells she was saved.

This is the Wells that walked through the portal last episode and he will be playing a big role in the next episode (and in the rest of the season). Like I said in my last recap, he is a good guy, but he's a dick.

Final Thoughts and Predictions

Before we get into predictions, I have a question to raise. Where the heck was Jay Garrick? He's not back to Earth 2 and he's in the next episode. Meanwhile he disappears from this episode. Is he in his apartment? No!

In the next episode, there will be Dr. Fate who will "blind" Barry. Also, Team Flash will meet Harrison Wells and he will warn them about Zoom, who is just completely demolishing his world and- is now coming to Earth 1. Something interesting was revealed in the trailer: Harrison Wells created Zoom. That brings up a lot of questions.

What did YOU guys think about the episode? Who is Zoom now that we know Wells created him? Tell me below!


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