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I'm a huge fan of both movies and game, and I (probably) like you am not a fan of video-game to movie adaptations. We've seen a very slippery past with movies like Hitman, Doom, Need for Speed or maybe Resident Evil (depending).

I don't believe that this trend should die out though, I think it just needs some tweaking. I mean when superhero movies first came out they weren't all stellar films (Daredevil, Fantastic Four 1 & 2 or Spiderman 3). So if we give video game adaptations a huge makeover, a great production team and time to excel I'm sure we can get quality cinema. Let's take a look at what should and shouldn't get the transition to the big-screen.

Gears of War: Yes!

Tom and Marcus on the big screen?
Tom and Marcus on the big screen?

Gears of War is the gruesome, brutal tale told on Xbox and is one that most gamers will agree on being of quite great quality. I really believe this film could be fantastic if done right. Rated-R would be necessary.. A great director like Mathew Vaughan and a dependable cast for all the diverse characters in the broad world would make for a multi-million dollar franchise I believe in this climate with not enough gorey blockbusters.

Uncharted: Yes...

Finding some treasure.
Finding some treasure.

The Uncharted games are a trilogy that most Playstation fans adore. Between high-octane speed chases, epic gun battles or some good old' puzzle solving. This game hits all the high points in linear story-telling and I think a movie for this franchise would work. It's risky because a recent survey said that most Uncharted fans wouldn't like a movie adaptation but maybe if they say a well done trailer their mind would be changed.

Talk of an Indiana Jones movie has quelled and with Uncharted getting numerous comparisons to the beloved Indy, it would do no harm to get a head start and release the movie before Indy makes his huge return. Now I'm not saying rush the movie, because an Indiana Jones sequel seems like it could be quite a while away. If done right, Uncharted could be a beautiful thrilling spectacle.

Metal Gear Solid: NEVER

Kept you waiting. huh?
Kept you waiting. huh?

Quick and simple answer is no. The reason being is the story is too damn huge and complex for a movie. These games are my favorite ever and it would be just impossible to condense it all into a movie. Plus, the order of the games are all over the place and a starting point for the movies would be hard to do.

Sure you can name some great actors who would play the characters great, but lets be honest, the writers would have to dumb down the story for people who aren't fans of the games and that's never a good thing. A complete no for me.

Halo: Yes.

Can the big screen master Master Chief?
Can the big screen master Master Chief?

Halo is a tough one.. With tons of beloved fans for the franchise, it's hard to say whether they would like a movie adaptation or not.. The only way I could justify this one being a movie adaptation is if it got a humongous budget, I'm talking 600 million plus. If the set design was right and the costume design was good, you could be looking at a pure sci-fi success.

The Last of Us: No.

This is a project that seems to be movie forward as of late and I have to say I'm not happy about it. The game is an absolute masterpiece and is quite like a movie when you play it so I can't justify backing the idea of a movie coming out. Rumor has it that Maisie William's has been cast for the role of Ellie, which is somewhat hopeful, but I will have to wait and see what a trailer depicts because I'm skeptical so far.

Hitman: Too much to try again, maybe?

Don't kill me, I know the last two movies were abysmal and no where near like the game which was the source material. But, I believe this franchise has huge potential. The character of Agent 47 is a slick, cool, badass yet complex one. He hasn't been done right on the big screen yet and I say wait about nine more years to try again and really get it right. This time they should work a much better script and hire a director that actually has a previous movie to his name before it. Sadly this franchise could be all but dead but if I could just see some slick slow-mo Agent 47 with Ave Maria in the background with no silly cliche's and favor slick stealth over huge explosions then and only then do you have my attention.


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