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I have read and studied all things star wars

Ok here's the real deal on new star wars movie. After rerun of the Jedi Han and Leigh have twins kylo ren and Rae! Luke has been tasked in creating the knights of the republic however the dark side is taking control so he flees. Unbeknownst to him kylo is his nephew and darth his grandfather. Knights of ren are formed under first order. Basically want to mimic the Sith but kylo is only one with true powers. So he sets out to bring what he thinks is balance to the republic. Meanwhile rae is like her grandfather Anikann Skywalker where she has no idea of her past and her history. So she is scavenging on remote plates. Finn is just as lost. PodAmeron shoots him down and he is introduced to rae. Kylo starts searching for old sith relics and laying waste to everything with his new star destroyer which is built into hoth. Rae and Finn set out to find out the truth about things that happened over 30 years ago. In comes han solo who explains things and helps them search for luke and leigh. Towards the end she learns han is her dad as he is dying. Spoiler! Finn takes his place. He is killed by her brother kylo. So he kills his own dad. Finally at the end we are introduced to luke Skywalker who takes rae under his wing end of movie. Part 2 she learns the truth of things a nd the way of the jedi. Part 3 hunts down kylo her brother and kills him brining complete balance to the force! I can't wait it should be epic!!!!


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