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There is something suspicious going on behind the scenes in the Masrani and INGEN companies. By going to the Masrani website, there is a ton of information you can get in understanding the core values and goals of the company. Doing some "digging", I found some skeletons of the Masrani company that could lead us to an answer as to what they are planning and in turn, a better idea of what to expect in Jurassic World 2.

Now with the death of Masrani, where will the company go? The question is a big one.

INGEN is a part of the Masrani Corporation, Masrani's company acquired the technology of INGEN.

Here are a few aspects of the website that have peak interest and suspicion.

1. Masrani has sites around the world - what are at these sites / parks?

  • San Diego (Site of events of The Lost World. AKA: The San Diego Incident)
  • Isla Nublar (Site of Jurassic World/Park)

Why was Isla Sorna not mentioned in Jurassic World? Last we heard, the island was pretty much untouched with nearly zero development.

  • San Jose
  • Washington DC
  • New York
  • Paris
  • London
  • Johannesburg
  • Dubai
  • Mumbai
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo
  • Shanghai
  • Melbourne
  • Auckland

Auckland is a remote island off of the Eastern Coast of Australia, is this a site for another dinosaur island? Possibly a Site C, or another park.

Also, does this mean Jurassic World 2 could take place elsewhere, possible Jurassic World 2: Japan.

Seeing as how InGen was building a park in San Diego in The Lost World, one could presume other parks are being built around the world. I mean, look at Disney World / Land, they have locations around the world!

It's not clear how advanced the parks have become, it could be possible that there are other Jurassic Worlds in the world and the one featured in the movie is one of many parks opened. What it could mean also, is that it's possible the park in San Diego is built too!

San Diego
San Diego

2. InGEN Technologies has goals beyond Masrani and entertainment

From the video it's obvious that InGen will continue to thrive regardless of the disaster on Isla Nublar. It's obvious that Victor Hoskins and Dr. Wu are working for someone less savory than Masrani. They could be working for a competing company. Just as in Jurassic Park Nedry attempted to steal park secrets and sell them to another company. Who is the company and could they be related to Dr. Wu's disappearance?

3. Masrani Security and InGen are priding themselves in being the "global leader in cutting edge security"

Before Jurassic World was released, there was concept art of Human-dinosaur hybrids. Could InGen be attempting to weaponize the dinosaurs (duh!) and even use the DNA to put into humans to create super soldiers?

4. Investors are in a Panic since the events of Jurassic World


What can the company do to ease the worry of their investors? The biggest thing to know is that Masrani is so diversified in what it is invested in, it may not make much difference. This means, the research will continue, to prove they can recover!

5. Access the Masrani Backdoor

A look at the website: shows a link to access the back door of Masrani and access e-mail pertaining to issues of the velociraptors and Indominus Rex.

The password is : indominus

Regardless, there is something very suspicious going on behind the scenes of Masrani and InGen. It will be interesting to see what the Masrani Corporation and InGen reveal.

For more information go to the Masrani Website. No doubt the company will be updating regularly as 2018 comes.


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