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Last Year it started with the Oscars about giving women equal pay to men in film. JLaw had to post on Twitter with this about she was humble and didn't want to stir up anything. But Meryl Streep and JLO hollered back girls to Patricia Arquette's speech highlighting injustice that exists in Hollywood, the same as in almost every other industry.


Then tons of hollered back girls including from other professions took to social media with MeMe's and Funny or Dies to add about Age discrimination and Cougar Roars. Which you and I both know JLO and Meryl dabbed in that.

SNL 40 Show NY
SNL 40 Show NY

Shoot Betty White got some from "Does Anyone Hate this Guy as Much as I do?" Bradley Cooper. LOL.

Howard Stern  &Beth Ostrosky Stern Bradley and JLaw
Howard Stern &Beth Ostrosky Stern Bradley and JLaw

So when Howard Stern asked Bradley in his latest interview " Have you slept together, " You should both hookup" Bradley responded " NO, I would never," We are just not that into eachother or wouldn't happen.

What do you think?


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