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As if we weren't pumped up enough for the arrival of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Disney has officially decided to mash-up one of their greatest films of the year (Inside Out) with one of their most anticipated movies of the year! Talk about Disney overload.

Below you will find the best mash-up between two entirely different Disney films, but one that works surprisingly well.

What makes this even more awesome (than it already is) is the fact that this was edited completely by the good people at Pixar! Goes to show that even they are just as geeky for Star Wars as we are.


Furthermore, I believe that this particular mashup reflects how we all felt, while we watched that final trailer. For example, when Joy expresses her wanting to be friends with Team Rebels (Finn, Rey, Han). Also, when Sadness grumbles at the fact that we have to wait until December for the movie. Not to mention when Fear yelled at the screen and Riley frowned at the fact that the video had to stop and buffer.

Exactly how I feel when a video stops to buffer
Exactly how I feel when a video stops to buffer

Now, without further ado...

I present to you, the Emotions of Inside Out reacting to the final trailer for Star Wars (VII): The Force Awakens.

Too. Much. Cuteness.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens lands in theaters December 18th, 2015!

(Source: Disney-Pixar Youtube [via Collider])

Courtesy of Disney
Courtesy of Disney

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