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Chris Pine officially confirmed his role in the upcoming Wonder Woman solo film, but he didn't disclose which character he would be playing. "I do not really know what I'm allowed to tell you. I'm super excited, of course, Gal Gadot is super talented, Patty Jenkins will perform, and we will shoot in film ... What excites me most is to turn in a movie with a superhero woman. With a woman in the lead role. I am a team with this intelligent, beautiful and strong to destroy the wicked and save humanity. The routine, whatever" (iDigital Times). To the disappointment of many DC fans hoping he would play Green Lantern rumors suggest he is set to play Steve Trevor.

Some time ago news broke that the brains behind Wonder Woman were looking to add Sean Bean and Eva Green for villain roles. Additionally, creators were set to take a Wolverine/Captain America time jump approach. They want to do a time jump from 1916, to the 1940s, and eventually 2017. I have an idea as to how this could work.

For this movie they should defer to the Wonder Woman 2009 animated movie, but with a different spin. They should separate the events where she meets Steve Trevor from when Ares escapes Themyscira.They should incorporate everything from the betrayal to the zombie warriors. Continue reading so I can explain.


This should be the beginning of the film the tale of an origin maybe 15-30mins of her battle to become the woman who would bridge a gap between two worlds. This should feature a story about Ares and Hippolyte. It should talk about island and why they are there. In this time period we should see the love hate relationship and her beating Artemis. Also, the relationship she had with her mother Hippolyta. The final act on the island for this time period should see the escape of Ares after one of their own (Persephone) betrays them. With Ares gone and the amazons still hidden from the world of man Hippolyta sends Diana to the world of man now being poisoned by Ares.

The 1900s: World War

This is the time period Ares escapes and WW searches for him. She could see the hold he has on the world. Ares's influence on the world is palpable the world is now at war (World War 1). She does her best as a first time hero to instill peace. Ares has taken a strong hold on world leaders which makes things more difficult. Fortunately, with the help of Diana, the war ended and she returned home.

The 1940s: Another World War

After a time jump it shows Diana battling Artemis before being summoned by her mother who has news on Ares. The world is at war once again (World War 2) and Diana is again placed in the middle. During this period she comes across one of Ares's goons, Deimos (a run in that happens in the animated film) who is disguised as a Nazi soldier. When they are alone he sheds his human skin exposing himself and the battle begins. Of course with the lasso of truth and her extraordinary gifts she defeats him with ease. He gives her some information, but nearly not enough to help her track Ares. She returns home and a time jump commences.


Enters Steve Trevor who crash lands on the island full of beautiful Amazonian women. Like the movie, Diana is in charge of taking him back to his land. He reminds her of someone she met a long time ago (his great grandfather) and there is a special connection between the two of them. Steve Trevor is brash, cocky, chauvinistic, funny guy who disgust Dianna at first (naturally). While on their trip she's attacked, this time this attacker leads her to Ares. This part of the movie can explore their (Steve and Diana) relationship.

After a few short adventures and fight scenes Dianna finally finds Ares (or he finds her) with his new found power. The power he obtained through the violence and terror he obtained over the years. After years of cold searches and climactic build up the battle between Ares and Wonder commences. There should be a mix between Man of Steal, The Avengers, with Zombies just saying. This could one epic battle between the Amazons and Ares's Army.

Hippolyte - Lynn Collins

Hippolyte - Lynn Collins Hippolyte is the mother of Diana and the Queen of Temyscira. Like all the warriors she has a strong feminist personality and Lynn Collins is the actress I think would do a great job at portraying the character.:

Ares - Sean Bean

One of WW toughest and strongest enemies. He would tie into the same story as Darkseid trying to stay the course of the 2009 animated movie. Ares was the main antagonist who went from a prisoner to destroying Earth. Sean Bean has been rumored to play a role why not the most power villain WW has to face. Sean Bean has played a warrior many times most notably in GoT as Ned Stark. Playing Ares would be perfect.

Artemis - Katee Sackhoff

At one point she was on the long and repetitive list of women to play Ms. Marvel and understandably so. As Dahl she basically proved she could handle a role that required her to be a butt kicker the same goes for her role as Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica. For me she gets her shot as a DC heroine who has seen her time as a JL.

Persephone - Eva Green

Also rumored for a villain role why not Persephone the woman who freed Ares. Green can play sadistic, evil, sexy, and strong. Her resume suggest this to be the perfect role for her Dark Shadows and especially 300 as Artemisia. The final battle between her and Hippolyta (would be great)

There you have it, if you read it I hope you enjoyed it. Fingers crossed DC doesn't screw it up. Like and share please and don't forget to comment. I will be posting a few more casts to connect this DCMU so I hope you guys and girls continue to follow.


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