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Katrina Stagg

Cat ladies and gentleman, it's time to show your unremitting love for your kitties today! October 29th is National Cat Day, a day to use as many kitten GIFS and cat memes one can stomach! Even though today is the official day for cats, it's definitely not the only day we celebrate these babies. Here are some of the cutest celebs showing their love for the felines today and every day!

Taylor Swift Is the Hottest Cat Lady Around

Lea Michelle Is Cozy and Cuddled Up With Her Furbaby

Amanda Seyfried's Trusty Feline Krusty Barnman

And here she is with with a kitten on her head at Paris Fashion Week, because yes.

Katy Perry in Kitten Heaven

Macklemore's Cat Even Has His Own Instagram!

Liam Hemsworth holding an itty, bitty kitty

ICYMI Ian Somerhalder LOVES Animals and He's a Cat Dad!

Chris Colfer and Kitty Don't Know Where the Camera Is

Mandy Moore Netflix & Chillin' With Her Rescue Cat

Bella Thorne With Her Big Beautiful Baby

Nikki Reed Helping to Find a Home for This Cuddlebug!

Ed Sheeran Coming Home to His Little Rocker Graham

Now a Message from Bob's Burger


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