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Jimmy Hernandez

The new Star Wars canon that was started in September 2014 has some pretty great novels. Books like Aftermath and A New Dawn expand the story that's on the screen. However, the Expanded Universe stories, classified as the "Legends" canon, have known to be more intuitive and complicated. TOO complicated for Disney it may seem.

True Star Wars fans may believe that "Darth Plagueis" is one of the greatest EU books in print. (I sure do.) It's long, it's detailed, and it feels realistically historical. (Even though this is Star Wars.) It even makes some great points that are crucial to the story of the Star Wars universe. Here are some reasons that I've cooked up for you readers why this story is needed in the full story of Star Wars.

  • Darth Plagueis is mentioned in ROTS

While Anakin is meeting with Palpatine, he explains to Anakin how Plagueis gained extraordinary power and how Anakin could gain that power too. Newer fans and viewers may be motivated to read this story after hearing this, but it seems that Disney is almost discouraging anyone from reading anything in the Legends canon. It's a tough world out there for a Star Wars fan.

  • Plagueis would make great story material

Think of all the backstory-oriented episodes of Rebels they could make or novels and comics they could sell or even movies they produce if they just accept that Plagueis exists. This book is a really great stepping stone for all that. If they would just release a special hardcover edition or something. That would be perfect.

  • Kid appeal

Kids love Darth Maul. Kids love Darth Vader. And pretty soon, kids will love Kylo Ren. You know who else kids might love? Darth Plagueis. They could sell costumes, lightsabers, have new dress-up characters at Disneyland-hell, they could even encourage kids to read!

  • Rich history

If you do research or have read any Star Wars book ever, you know Darth Plagueis has some great lore. More lore added to the Star Wars historical timeline adds for a more interesting addition to the universe, Darth Plagueis is barely even touched upon in either canon besides the novel and ROTS, so it would work out fine.

These are my reasons. I hope a Disney executive sees this, because this is definitely something I want changed. Thanks for reading!


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