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Here's yet another addition to the millions of articles floating around on the interwebs. We wouldn't need to keep writing them if everyone would just accept that Glenn is alive and stache'ing around, like always!

You obviously need more proof, so here you go!

This is actually proof and a theory all in one...from the moment Nick got all woozy-

The entire dumpster scene was him hallucinating!

Insane you say? Watch this clip and tell me otherwise:

You hear the click click? That wouldn't be Glenn's gun doing that...he's pointing it at his foot. Last time I knew, badasses like Glenn knew better than to aim a gun at the ground and THEN see if he's out of bullets. Nope, that clicking is Nick's gun.

Who cares, you say? YOU WILL!

You can't blow your brains out with an empty gun!

I'll let that soak in for a second.

He had another gun, you say? Pretty sure that's the same gun, I say. There's a remote chance he's hiding another gun that looks EXACTLY like the one that's out of bullets, buuuuuuut...yeah-

angle 1
angle 1
and 3
and 3

And here's a closeup-

Same dang gun!
Same dang gun!

So the only way he can end it all is to do it in la-la land!

But, Nick was on The Talking Dead memoriam thing, you say! Okay, so in real life, maybe Nick does off himself, but doesn't take Glenn down with him. Boom! A twist, another twist, and one more twist, so your twist can have twists in its twists, dawg!

My 2nd theory is this: there's someone in that buidling Glenn tries to get in. The door's locked, and take a look at the fire escape stairs in this clip:

Someone, at some time, blockaded those stairs, so maybe they could still be in there? Maybe, someone that's associated with a certain baseball bat wielding maniac?

Who knows!


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