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The BEST candidate for the main villain title in THE FLASH SEASON 2: from my Top 10

◼ Daniel West; NEW 52 relaunch Reverse FLASH

Why? well let me tell you a little bit about him for those who have no clue who Daniel West, is, and WHY would he, and the others be in my Top 3 pick for season 2 main villain title!

Iris West's younger brother. Previously a small time crook, he was arrested by the Flash when both were starting their careers; years later, he was released under parole, claiming to be a different, better man. However, he became the supervillain known as Reverse-Flash, hunting down and killing everyone who came into contact with the Speed Force.

Five Years Ago...

Danny West was first introduced in the New 52 volume of the Flash during the title's Zero Issue, set five years prior to the first issue. Danny was seen driving a getaway car before being stopped by Flash and getting arrested. Danny would then have another encounter with Flash but with him this time being out of costume, in which Barry would help the police stop Danny from escaping the prison.

Present Day...

Danny would once again make an appearance five years later during the Gorilla City invasion of Central City. Danny, having gotten out of prison early on parole, tries to reach Iris West before getting attacked by a Gorilla soldier. Danny is then seen going to Iris' apartment to find her, yet finds that it has been vacant for days after looking at the mail. Danny vows to find her.

Five years from the current DC timeline Barry Allen runs off to save innocents in Peshawar, Pakistan. While back in Central City Danny West is on the loose once again to cause mayhem but encounters the Flash from the future that came to prevent a tragedy that will result to Iris West's permanent disability and Wally West's death.

In the encounter future Flash makes Danny West realize the impact of his actions and his connection to the coming tragedy then later resolves to fix the situation by saving Iris and Wally from the eventual tragedy of his future actions but was denied to become the hero when future Flash eventually kills him and does the heroic deed himself. If your asking, "Who is Daniel West? What is this guy talking about?" This is for you! Yes, YOU behind that screen sitting on your ass reading my post!

Reverse Flash: Reverse-Flash is a name that has been taken by supervillains in superhero fiction published by DC Comics. Many of them have super speed and are enemies and foils of the superheroes known as the Flash. NOW here are the supervillains who is labelled by the name Reverse Flash.

The Rival:

The Rival first appeared in Flash Comics #104 (February 1949). He is Dr. Edward Clariss, a professor at the university attended by the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick. He believes he has recreated the formula that gave Garrick his speed, which he calls "Velocity 9." He had heard Joan one night talking about how the Flash gave his speed to another student, which helped him get the last formula. Bitter at the scientific community's rejection of his claims, Clariss becomes a criminal. He wore a darker version of Flash's outfit and gave it to several other criminals. The Rival's version of the formula proves to be temporary, and he is defeated and jailed.

In JSA #16 (November 2000), a flashback shows a battle between the Rival and the Flash that took place several months after Clariss' first appearance. Through unexplained methods, Clariss has regained the power of super speed. During the fight, Clariss reaches light speed and vanishes into the Speed Force. Following the reformation of the Justice Society of America 50 years later, Johnny Sorrow retrieves Clariss from the Speed Force and invites him to join the new Injustice Society. The Rival, driven insane by his time in the Speed Force, races across the country on a super-speed killing spree. The Flash realizes that the Rival's path across the country spells out Clariss' name, and that the final murder will be Jay's wife Joan. The Flash absorbs the Rival's speed before he can kill Joan.

The Rival returns in Impulse #88 (September 2002), posing as Joan Garrick's doctor. Now pure speed energy, he possesses Garrick's fellow Golden Age speedster Max Mercury. After battling Jay and Impulse, the Rival escapes, still in possession of Mercury's body.

Another Golden Age Reverse Flash is a robot who wears a reversed-color version of Garrick's costume. The robot's only appearance was in one panel in The Flash vol. 2, #134 (February 1998), in which he is easily defeated by Garrick.

Eobard Thawne:

Eobard Thawne aka Professor Zoom, first appeared in The Flash #139 (September 1963). Originally, he is a criminal from the 25th century who found a time capsule containing the Silver Age Flash's costume. He is able to use a machine to amplify the suit's speed energy, providing the abilities of the Flash as long as he wears it. In the process, the colors of the costume reverse, with the suit becoming yellow, the boots and lightning bolt highlights turning red, and the chest symbol's white circle becoming black. He uses his speed to commit crimes. Flash had travelled to the future as he discovered an atomic clock in the capsule would become an atomic bomb due to the process. He defeated Reverse-Flash by making his friction-protection aura burn away and stopped the bomb from exploding. Despite destroying the costume, Zoom is still able to cause trouble for him. His knowledge of Allen’s dual identity enables him to strike at Allen by killing his wife Iris. He vibrates his hand through her skull after she refuses to marry him. Later he attempts to kill his fiancée Fiona. While saving Fiona’s life, the Flash breaks Zoom’s neck, killing him.

DC later revamped its continuity following the 1985 series Crisis on Infinite Earths. Professor Zoom was one of many character to undergo renovation. As seen in "The Return of Barry Allen" storyline in The Flash (vol. 2) #74-79, Eobard started out as a fan of the Flash. He gained super-speed by replicating the electrochemical bath that gave Barry Allen his powers and undertook surgery to make himself look like Allen. He traveled back in time using the Cosmic Treadmill to meet his hero. However, Thawne becomes mentally unstable upon discovering he is destined to become a villain. Though the true name of the Flash's greatest foe was not known in his time, it was known here. Zoom's mind—already disoriented by the stress of time travel as the Treadmill —had changed over the years. He arrives years after he had intended, while seeking escape by convincing himself that he is Barry Allen. However, his true, more violent nature is eventually revealed. "Barry" attacks Central City in 'revenge' for 'forgetting him', before he is defeated by Wally West, who tricks Zoom into returning to his proper time. Even though Thawne retained no memories of his journey, he felt "betrayed" by Barry and deeply hated him. Eobard began traveling back in time to seek revenge on the Flash, using his knowledge of "history" to his advantage.

Professor Zoom returns as the main villain in the mini-series Flash: Rebirth. Zoom claims to have a resurrection coming up soon, referencing the Blackest Night. In this appearance, Zoom claims to have not only traveled back in time, but also to have engineered Barry's return from Speed Force. Zoom once tried to stop Barry from originally becoming the Flash, hoping to get struck by the lightning. However, he nearly phases out of existence, causing the lightning to pass through him and transform Barry. He interprets this to imply that Barry needed to become the Flash for him to become the Reverse-Flash. He erased Barry's best friend from existence, and frames his father for murdering his mother. He is behind the reality changing event Flashpoint, and mocks Barry, who remembers how things should be, by placing a Reverse-Flash costume inside his ring. He appears briefly in Flashpoint #1, telling Barry's mother how nice it is to see her alive again. He returns in Flashpoint #4, confronting the Flash after Billy Batson is killed. He tells the Flash what really happened. Allen travels back in time to prevent his past self from stopping Zoom's murder of his mother and pulls the entire speed force into himself. This transforms history. He resets Barry's internal vibrations, allowing him to remember this. Zoom says this makes him a living paradox, because he is not connected to any timeline and can kill the Flash. However he is stabbed by Thomas Wayne from behind and apparently killed. Later the timeline is restored to one that is similar but not identical to the original. In that same timeline Eobard is revealed to be stuck in the Speed Force and eventually makes his return.


Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom first appeared in The Flash: Secret Files & Origins #3.

After arriving in Keystone City, Hunter Zolomon was hired as a profiler, working with the police in their Department of Metahuman Hostilities. His work put him in constant contact with the Flash (Wally West), and the two became good friends. His insight was critical in solving cases, but he resented being stuck behind a desk.

He was severely injured in an attack by Gorilla Grodd, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. He asked West to use the time-travelling cosmic treadmill in the Flash Museum to prevent this from occurring. West refused, saying that he could not risk damaging the timestream. Zolomon then broke into the museum and attempted to use the treadmill himself. The resulting explosion destroyed the museum (as well as his remaining sanity) and shifted Hunter's connection to time. He could now alter his personal timeline, giving the effect of super-speed.

Zolomon concluded that West would not help because, unlike Allen, he had never suffered personal tragedy. Zolomon decided that if he became the new Zoom and killed West's wife (Linda Park), this would help the Flash become a better hero.

Unlike other speedsters, Zoom's abilities lie not in speed but manipulation of time. For this reason he appears to be faster than The Flash and untouchable. This is betrayed in his speech patterns which ebb and flow at different speeds, almost entirely at random. His trademark attack is to snap his fingers creating a shockwave not just in space but across time. He uses this attack to cause Linda to miscarry.

The battle, the death of his unborn children and Linda's resultant despondency was too much for The Flash, so he enlisted the help of the Spectre (at the time, the spirit of Hal Jordan) to remove all memory from the world about the Flash's secret identity (including himself). Zoom, however, was unaffected and returned to plague him, but became trapped outside of time when he tried to join forces with Professor Zoom to make Wally relive the deaths of his children. Teaming up with the Cheetah, Zoom stretched his influence to the Justice League, but stated repeatedly that his only interest was "making the Flash a better hero". He enlists with the villainous Mockingbird (later revealed to be a disguised Lex Luthor) and is responsible for disfiguring the hero Damage.

Following a brief 'alliance' with Iris West when she requests his aid to save the Flash – now Bart Allen – from a future catastrophe, Zoom attempted to enlist Inertia as his new sidekick. However, despite Zoom restoring Inertia's speed by giving him access to his own temporal powers, Inertia soon turned on Zoom, claiming that he just wanted to make the heroes suffer where Zoom actually wanted them to work through the damage he inflicted, Inertia unravelling Zoom's timeline to return him to a powerless Hunter Zolomon.

This version of Zoom has not appeared in DC's reboot following Flashpoint.


Thaddeus Thawne aka Inertia first appeared in Impulse #51, created by Todd DeZago and Mike Wieringo.

Inertia was a clone of Bart Allen. He originally fought Allen when he was Impulse. Later when Bart aged five years after Infinite Crisis and became the Flash, Inertia fought him again. Inertia was responsible for Allen's death and when Wally West returned he took revenge by paralyzing Inertia and putting him in the Flash Museum. During Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge, he was used by Libra and Zoom to try to get the Rogues to join the new Secret Society. He stole Zoom's powers, called himself Kid Zoom, and was killed by the Rogues, who blamed him for making them kill Bart Allen.

When questioned as to who created Inertia, Ethan van Sciver wrote that he could only accept five percent of the credit. The rest was offered to Mike Wieringo (twenty percent), Grant Morrison (twenty-five percent) and Todd Dezago (fifty percent). He also states that Inertia's appearance is just Impulse's inverted, like a Reverse-Flash.[1] This fits the character's original role as a "Reverse-Impulse" created to antagonize the title character.

Inertia's initial appearance came in Impulse #50: "First Fool's" (July 1999), followed by #51: "It's All Relative" (August 1999). The most character development came in #53: "Threats" (October 1999). Inertia wasn't featured again until Impulse #62 and #66: "Mercury Falling" (July, November 2000). Inertia would not be notably featured again for half a decade.

Inertia then began making regular appearances, mostly due to his twin Bart Allen becoming The Flash. Inertia appeared in The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #5: “Lightning in a Bottle, Part 5” (December 2006). Inertia acted as an antagonist to Allen.

In addition to his Flash appearances, Inertia made repeated appearances in Teen Titans (vol. 3). Teen Titans featured Inertia as part of an enemy team, Titans East. The story arc began in Teen Titans (vol. 3) #43 (January 2007). The arc concluded with Teen Titans (vol. 3) #46 (April 2007).

Inertia is primarily a speedster. He has not demonstrated any other speed-related powers, such as Bart's resilience to alterations in the time stream. For some time following Infinite Crisis, Inertia remained disconnected to the Speed Force. Instead, he injects himself with Velocity 9, a substance that helps him maintain his speed. Velocity 9 has been notoriously unstable in the past, but Deathstroke's new variant seems to offer no negative side effects. For a brief period before his death, he shares his powers with Zoom, who lends him his speed to pressure him into being a new Kid Flash. His attempt failed, Inertia turns into a maddened Kid Zoom, with absolute mastery over the individual timestream of a human being, able to revert Zoom to the powerless Hunter Zolomon before being killed by the assembled forces of the Rogues.

Daniel West:

Daniel West appears at first in Flash #23 (of the New 52), garbed in a primarily black and red costume, as opposed to the yellow and red of previous Reverse-Flashes. Later, in Flash #23, he is revealed as Iris' brother, who received his powers from a freak combination of a Rogues attack and an incident which involved the Speed Force granting powers to several individuals. He desires to help Barry. Since in the current continuity Daniel broke his father's spine, making him a paraplegic and alienating Iris, he now desires to travel further back in time to kill his father before that incident, altering the timeline and regaining Iris' affection.

While the previous Reverse-Flashes only wore a costume, Daniel West wears armor that he can control, made from shrapnel from the Speed Force-supercharged monorail that was destroyed in the incident which gave him his powers.

On Television, the Reverse-Flash was alluded to in the 1990 live action series The Flash. In the episode "Done With Mirrors", Barry Allen temporarily takes the pseudonym 'Professor Zoom' while investigating the Mirror Master. In the episode "Twin Streaks", scientist Jason Bressell and assistant Ted Witcome create a clone of Barry they name Pollux. Though this blue-suited character bears a resemblance to the Reverse-Flash, Pollux has no direct relation to the character, instead being more along similar lines of Bizarro and lacks any true malice, instead being more childlike in his actions and mannerisms.

A Reverse-Flash like character makes a cameo appearance in Justice League Unlimited, voiced by Michael Rosenbaum. In the episode "Divided We Fall", the look-alike is made when the fusion of Lex Luthor and Brainiac make robotic copies of the Justice League's villainous alternate universe counterparts. However, as the Justice Lords' descent into tyranny began with the death of their Flash, there is no Flash counterpart. As such, Brainithor creates a Flash duplicate who wears the Reverse-Flash's red-on-yellow costume and acts like Zoom while fighting Wally West.

Reverse-Flash makes occasional appearances on Robot Chicken. In the episode "Losin' the Wobble", Reverse-Flash (voiced by Seth Green) is seen robbing a bank, while the Flash, Superman and Wonder Woman stand idly by, commenting about how "lame" they think opposite-themed villains like Reverse-Flash, Bizarro and Negative Wonder Woman are. In the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains in Paradise, Reverse-Flash (voiced by Matthew Senreich) is seen with the Legion of Doom.

The Professor Zoom version of Reverse Flash made his first full on-screen appearance in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold, voiced by John Wesley Shipp. The episode "Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!" is an allusion to the printed page "Crisis on Infinite Earths" mini-series in which Barry Allen has disappeared and is presumed dead after a large energy cloud crisis. Jay Garrick and Wally West have been protecting Central City since Barry Allen's disappearance. When Batman arrives in Central to subdue Captain Cold, Heatwave, and Weather Wizard, a ghost like apparition of Allen is seen by Batman and Garrick. Investigating Allen's "ghost", Batman, Garrick and West follow it into the 25th century (Professor Zoom's era) where they find Allen has been trapped by Professor Zoom and is being used as an enhancement to Reverse-Flash's own speed as well as proving enhanced speed to Zoom's army of stormtroopers. Batman destroys the enhancement devices while Garrick and West provide Allen with the means to defeat Reverse-Flash.

Tom Cavanagh as Reverse-Flash in the television series The Flash.

Two versions of the Reverse-Flash appear in the 2014 TV series The Flash as primary antagonists of the series.

Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash appears in the as the main antagonist of the first season and is played by Tom Cavanagh and Matt Letscher, marking the live-action debut of the character. Cavanagh portrays the character after being modified to resemble Harrison Wells, while Letscher plays Eobard Thawne's original look. Using Wells' identity, Eobard does not reveal his original identity until the 15th episode. Hailing from sometime between the late 22nd to early 23rd century, being born in 2151, Eobard is the archenemy of Barry Allen/The Flash and traveled back in time to 2000 to murder him when he was 11 years old, so that the Flash will never exist. However, the Flash follows him through the speed force and they have a battle in the house of the Allen family. The Flash grabs his 11 year old self so that his future as the heroic scarlet speedster can remain intact, but Reverse-Flash realizes he can hurt the Flash by traumatizing his younger self irrevocably. Eobard therefore kills Nora Allen, only to realize he is now stranded in the past, unable to access the Speed Force precisely because he derailed Barry from his fate. He later killed and assumed the identity of one Harrison Wells, a man he knew would create a particle accelerator in the year 2020 alongside his wife Tess Morgan and cause the existence of The Flash. Using this knowledge and future technology, he founded S.T.A.R. Labs and created the particle accelerator. The accelerator explodes, releasing dark matter and unknown energies into Central City. He also worked with General Wade Eiling to create Gorilla Grodd. In the beginning of the series, when Barry becomes The Flash, Eobard along with his colleagues Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon become part of his team to hunt down metahumans and to assist Barry while fighting non-metahuman villains like Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Pied Piper and Golden Glider. Eobard serves as the team leader, his confidant and his mentor teaching him to increase his speed. Eventually, he resumes the Reverse-Flash identity and confronts Barry as a means to motivate Barry to increase his efforts but also uses it to silence anyone who may oppose his plot. Joe West becomes suspicious of Eobard and investigates him, enlisting Cisco to help, who eventually discovers Eobard's secret. However, Cisco is killed by Eobard before Barry accidentally travels back in time, and he inadvertently alters the events that led to Cisco's murder. The alteration of the event also causes Barry to stumble upon the Reverse-Flash's trail in Cisco's place and begin to become suspicious of Eobard, eventually realizing that Eobard is his mother's killer. In addition, Cisco retains his memories of his murder subconsciously despite the timeline's reset and distrusts his mentor. Eventually, the entire group discovers Eobard's true identity and he kidnaps their friend and Iris West's boyfriend, Eddie Thawne, who is revealed to be Eobard's direct ancestor. Eobard convinces the team to get him back to the future, which will also allow Barry to travel back in time and save his mother from dying when Barry was a child. However, Barry decides to keep the current timeline intact, and battles Eobard before he can escape. Right before Eobard kills Barry, Eddie fatally shoots himself, erasing Eobard Thawne from history but this inconsistency paradox opens a singularity that almost destroys the entire world, which is later revealed to be a portal into Earth-2. In the second season it is revealed that Eobard willed S.T.A.R. Labs to Barry in the event of his death and also made a video confessing to Nora's murder which Barry is able to use to free Henry.

A character named "Zoom", appears as the main antagonist of the second season voiced by Tony Todd, though it's unknown who portrays him nor what his true identity is. Hailing from Earth-2 Zoom is the primary enemy of Jay Garrick/The Flash who he has been trying to kill for 2 years but the night he almost succeeded, the singularity caused by Eobard Thawne's "death" appears in Earth-2 and pulls Jay into Earth-1. Zoom travels to Earth-1 to kill Jay but also learns of the existence of Barry Allen/The Flash and grows to despise him too and sends metahumans from Earth-2 to kill both Flashes, promising metas return to their world if they succeed. An Earth-2 version of Dr. Wells has also been seen, but any connection to Zoom, and indeed whether he is the true Wells or his world's Eobard, remains as yet unrevealed.

On Film, The Eobard Thawne/Professor Zoom version of Reverse-Flash is the main antagonist in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, voiced by C. Thomas Howell. Inertia's costume is also seen in display inside the Flash Museum.

In Video games, The Zoom version of Reverse-Flash appears in the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS game Justice League Heroes: The Flash as the fourth level boss.

The Professor Zoom version of Reverse-Flash appears as a mini-boss in DC Universe Online in the Gorilla Grodd Duos instance. He also appears as a world boss roaming Central City in the "Lightning Strikes" DLC.

Professor Zoom's Black Lantern appearance is an alternate skin for Flash (Barry Allen) in the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us.

The Professor Zoom version of Reverse-Flash appears as a playable character in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

◼Murmur (Dr. Michael Amar)

Dr. Michael Amar, a once respected surgeon, succumbed to madness and started a killing spree to stop the voices inside his head(Schizophrenia). This spree went through Central and Keystone City and caught the eye of police officers Fred Chyre and Joe Jackam. They later tracked Amar down with the help from Central City forensic scientist, Barry Allen. Part of Amar's psychosis is the inability to stop himself from blurting out his crimes. Because of these outbursts, he is quickly convicted and sentenced to death.

It is soon discovered that Amar's blood is so abnormal that lethal injection can not kill him. While incarcerated in Iron Heights prison, Amar cuts out his own tongue and sews his mouth shut so he will no longer be able to incriminate himself, "Did some one say thats FUCKED UP? I would agree thats very, very fucked up",Wearing a thin mask of his own design, Amar becomes known as Murmur.

While in prison, Murmur creates a virus that kills the guards and prisoners and escapes during the riots it causes. He then joins Blacksmith, who helps him with creating the virus, and her rogues. Afterwards, Murmur strikes out on his own.

Murmur is one of the villains being controlled by the Top during the Rogue War story aIl in Infinite Crisis #1, Murmur is seen working in Gotham City with the Riddler, the Body Doubles and the Fisherman in a murderous attack on Gotham police officers. He is seen in issue #7 as part one member of the Secret Society of Supervillains, participating in an attack on Metropolis. A superhero army stops the Society. Murmur has also teamed up with another Batman villain - Hush - in the Man-Bat miniseries,[21] which takes place before the Infinite Crisis event.One year after the events of Infinite Crisis, Murmur has made only one full appearance in the DC Universe. In writer Gail Simone's Secret Six, he is one of the villains sent to retrieve the Get-Out-of-Hell-Free card from the team. The only other mention of the villain post-One Year Later is a framed front page newspaper of the Central City Citizen detailing Murmur's arrest and incarceration by police. It is seen on a wall of the Allen household in The Flash: Rebirth #1.Powers and abilitiesMurmur has no super human powers of a combative nature. All he has is a mutated physiology making him immune to bloodbourne disease or toxins.

◼Cobalt Blue

The character, created by Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn, first appeared in Speed Force #1 (November 1997).[11]

Within the context of the stories, Malcolm Thawne is the twin brother of Barry Allen and an ancestor of Allen's archenemy Professor Eobard "Professor Zoom" Thawne. At the time of their birth, the doctor delivering them had already accidentally killed the child of Charlene Thawne during delivery. To cover his mistake, the doctor gave one of the twins to the Thawnes as their own and told the Allens that their second son had been stillborn.[12][Flash 4]

Raised by the Thawnes as a con artist, Malcolm learns of his brother by accident as an adult. He learns the full story by confronting his "parents" and the doctor who delivered him, killing the latter in a rage. His grandmother, seeing true potential in his passion, teaches him the family secret of controlling the "blue flame". Eventually he crafts a blue gem to contain the flame. The creation is fueled by his rage and jealousy of his twin "stealing his life" and can siphon off the Flash's superspeed.[12][Flash 4] His first confrontation with the Flash and Kid Flash results in the flame absorbing him.[Flash 5] Emerging years later, he shifts his focus onto his brother's "legacy" since Barry Allen had died to stop the Anti-Monitor while he was in the flame. His plan spans from the present to near the end of the 30th century, targeting the Flashes of various eras in between. His plan is undone by Wally West who skirts the edge of the speed force while carrying the shards of the blue gem. The power pouring into the gem overloads and destroys it.[Flash 6]

◼Folded Man

The character, created by Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn, first appeared in The Flash vol.2, #153 (October 1999).

Within the context of the stories, the Folded Man is Edwin Gauss, a physics student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology looking to definitively resolve Albert Einstein's Unified field theory. He invents of a device that allows interdimensional travel using proprietary software stolen from Norman Bridges. He incorporates this into a suit that allows its wearer to move across at least four dimensions.

When Bridges tries to take the technology, Gauss uses the suit to create the identity of the Folded Man to strike back at Bridges. The Flash is caught in the middle and winds up taking Gauss into custody.[15]

The Folded Man wears a suit that allows him to manipulate his personal dimensions. He can flatten to a two-dimensional form which allows him to slice through objects more cleanly than the sharpest razor. By shifting into four dimensions, he can leave our plane and pop back anywhere he likes.

◼Magenta; more commonly known as Polara

An early concept design for Magenta by George Pérez appeared in DC Sampler #2, with the character's initial name being Polara and her color scheme consisting of red and blue rather than magenta and white. Frankie Kane was a one time girlfriend of Wally West, who gained magnetic powers which killed her family. Not knowing her purpose in life, she became a villain and first joined the Cicada cult and the New Rogues before reforming. Magenta can generate and control magnetic fields, which she can use to move, lift, and manipulate ferrous metals. She can focus her powers into blasts of concussive magnetic force that can shatter steel, or fire electromagnetic pulses to disrupt electronic systems. She can concentrate her magnetic powers into a protective shield that repels metals and most physical assaults. By surrounding herself with an aura of magnetism that has an equal polarity to the Earth's own geomagnetic field, she can cause the Earth to repel her upward, and thereby fly by magnetic levitation.

◼Savitar Edit

Savitar first appeared in Flash (vol. 2) #108 (December 1995), and was created by Mark Waid and Oscar Jimenez.

A Cold War pilot for a third-world nation, the man who would become known as Savitar was to test a supersonic fighter jet. As he reached top speed, his plane was struck by what appeared to be lightning, and he went down in hostile territory. Discovering he could defeat the enemy by moving at super-speed, he became obsessed with speed, naming himself after Savitr the Hindu "god of motion", and dedicating his life to unlocking its secrets. As Savitar studied, he discovered new powers that no other living speedster has mastered. He can protect himself in a null-inertia force field, give speed and kinetic energy to objects or people, even those in a rest state, he could also heal his own injuries almost instantly.

Savitar’s obsession gained followers, and he became the leader of a cult. In search of more knowledge, he sought out the only super-speed hero operating at the time: Johnny Quick. This encounter became a battle, the tide of which was turned with the arrival of Max Mercury, who led Savitar toward the Speed Force, but caused him to bounce off.

Savitar reappeared decades later to find that his cult had grown in his absence, awaiting his return. He recruited former Blue Trinity member Lady Flash (Christina Alexandrova), and discovered a way to use her speed to divert all energy from the Speed Force to his own army of ninjas. He then sought to eliminate the competition: Flash (Wally West), Impulse, Golden Age Flash (Jay Garrick), Johnny Quick, Jesse Quick, XS, and especially Max Mercury.

Fortunately, Wally’s direct line to the Speed Force prevented Savitar from stealing his speed, and a coalition of just about every speedster (except for Red Trinity), foiled his plans. Hell-bent on at least destroying Flash’s world in retribution, he led the Flash on a worldwide race of destruction, until Flash chose to give Savitar what he wanted: union with the Speed Force. His earlier encounter had shown him that the others who had arrived before would deal with Savitar as they saw fit.

In The Flash Rebirth mini-series, Savitar is able to escape from the Speed Force. He is run down by the recently returned to life Barry Allen; however, when Barry touches him, Savitar disintegrates, leaving only a pile of bones.[26] It is revealed that Professor Zoom altered the Speed Force and Barry to make the Flash shift in reverse, and cursed to kill every Speed Force user with a single touch, though it seemed to be undone by the defeat of Professor Zoom during the conflict between the two speedsters.[27] Thus far, Savitar, Lady Flash (Lady Savitar at the time) and Johnny Quick have been killed by this effect.[28][29]

Savitar can move at super speed, and is able to lend or steal speed from moving objects. He has accelerated healing due to increased metabolism and can generate a null inertia force field.

◼Tar Pit

The younger brother of a local drug lord Jack Monteleone, Joey Monteleone was arrested for armed robbery. While serving time, he discovered he had the metahuman ability to inhabit inanimate objects. With this ability, he got his kicks by transferring his mind from object (for example, a fire hydrant which he used to spray the Flash in vol. 73) to object until he couldn't move his mind from, of course, a vat of asphalt. Now he remains in that hot tar pit while his real body remains unconscious and is being abused by his padded-cellmate in Iron Heights.

In his new form, Tarpit first caused havok at a Keystone City ice hockey game, trying to steal the Stanley Cup for himself. He was stopped by Flash and Captain Cold, although Cold himself stole the trophy. He has appeared sporadically with the other rogues ever since.

In Infinite Crisis, "Joey" became a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains.

He has been seen among the new Injustice League and is one of the villains featured in Salvation Run.

In Blackest Night crossover, Tar Pit is shown with Owen Mercer, visiting his father's grave, accompanying Owen in his search for the Black Lantern version of his father on the grounds that he will be of no interest to the Black Lantern Corps as his tar-based form has no heart for them to take.[30]

Powers and abilities

Tar Pit’s body is made of molten asphalt and burns on touch. He is able to trap people in the substance of his body and can hurl flaming chunks of tar at his enemies. Due to his body being made of tar, Tar Pit is practically invulnerable.

Before becoming Tar Pit, Joey was able to project his consciousness into inanimate objects and animate them.

◼ Killer Frost

Obviously we all are wanting to see her as a big baddy as I'm sure we all know what she can do for those who watch the Flash, Arrow, and read comics it says it all in the name ( Caitlin Snow), if you are so stupid that you can't figure out how! then we'll bud I'm the doctor and I'm diagnosing you as a Dumbass. Sorry if you are one of those dumbasses and that take offence in all. It came out all wrong so here I'll put it in a better term.....hmmmm yeah can't your all dumbasses.

◼ Brother Grimm

The character, created by Geoff Johns and Angel Unzueta, first appeared in The Flash vol. 2, #166 (November 2000).[8]

Within the context of the stories, Brother Grimm is the son of Brother Nightingale, the king in the alternate dimension of Eastwind. When Nightingale plans an invasion of Earth, Grimm sends a warning to the Flash. When the Flash along with Kid Flash and Jay Garrick stop the invasion, Nightingale is deposed and Grimm offered the crown. He takes the advice of Kid Flash to "follow his own path" and lets his brother Angar take the crown. Grimm, regretting taking the advice, is forced to take the crown and kill Angar when it becomes apparent he is no better than their father. The regret becomes rage when he learns that Wally, contrary to his own advice, has taken up the mantel of the Flash.[Flash 2]

To punish the Flash, Grimm enlists Mirror Master and Captain Cold to trap him in a mirror world while he removed Keystone City to Eastwind and the citizens placed under his control. He makes the mistake of double-crossing the Rogues who work with the Flash to escape the mirror world, rescue the citizens of Keystone, and defeat Grimm.[Flash 3]

He later returned with a new identity of a classmate of Linda's in medical school, attempting to 'steal' her from the Flash and claim the Flash's 'kingdom' once again. To this end, he trapped Linda at the top of a giant beanstalk that would spread to consume Central City, but Wally was able to reach the top with the aid of Hawkman- who noted that he had once fought one of Grimm's ancestors who used a similar trick in one of his past lives-, Hawkman destroying the beanstalk while Wally defeated Grimm.

Brother Grimm is a skilled sorcerer and warrior, able to create glamours that change his appearance and transport others between dimensions. He can also sense the use of extra dimensional forces such as the Speed Force.

◼ Future Flash ( Barry Allen of 20 years later, new 52 version) would be interesting to have present Barry Allen fight with glowing blue Flash aura and blackish navy high-tech circuit board costume, future Barry Allen.

So who will the number one be?

So my top 10 is:

10.) Murmur

9.) Tar Pit

8.) Brother Grimm

7.) Folded Man

6.) Magenta aka Polara

5.) Savitar

4.) Daniel West

3.) Future Flash

2.) Killer Frost

1.) Cobalt Blue

my next post will be my top 5 new heroes for Flash season 2!!! Until then keep it real!


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