ByLurleen Hilliard, writer at
TH HIS SON QUENTIN I have not seen the protest that is being spoken of here. But I will say this for sure. In my opinion The NYPD is among the finest police agencies on the planet. I cannot talk about the incident they are mentioning here because I am not familiar with it. But I seriously doubt by any means that any police officer anywhere would intentionally kill or murder someone just for the heck of it. Was probably in defense of his own life or of other innocent citizens. I cannot attest to this because I am not familiar with the incident it is just my thought about the heroic work of the department in New York. I have had several family members who were NYPD officers. Lt. Johnny Massaro Mounted Police. His son Anthony Massaro Lt. Detective NYPD. Frank Gucciardo NYPD. I am familiar with many situations that officers have been put in. I am familiar with deaths of many police officers at the hands of rioters and other criminal types on the streets of New York. I don't see anyone holding the posters giving the names of the many officers that were killed in the line of duty protecting the citizenship of those areas. My cousin Lieutenant Johnny Massaro NYPD mounted police. I am writing a screenplay based on his life his experience with his family while a Lieutenant with NYPD. Quentin Tarantino is a great artist a truly talented individual a fantastic filmmaker and storyteller a celebrity of international acclaim.All too often people like this get carried away in political movements and agendas and speak out against things at the wrong time in the wrong place with out looking at both sides of the story. His films are masterpieces and I don't think they should be ignored. Me personally, I don't have to like someone or agree with them to admire their work as artist.

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