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Sunday night, fans of The Walking Dead sat around their television screens in absolute shock. For the first time in a while, the show had managed to present a series of scenes that just seemed so unbelievable, desperate and scary that it was hard to watch without holding your breath while pacing back and forth.

It wasn't just me, right?

Seeing so many people get ripped apart by walkers was one thing, but seeing it potentially happen to one of our own was devastating. It's been several days since that incident and I still don't feel good about what went down.

Breathing or Not Breathing Seems to be the Big Question

Shocked? Yeah. Confused? Oh yeah! Did Nicholas fall on top of him? Were those Glenn's guts being ripped apart? Is he dead or alive?

Since this episode aired Sunday night, every other post on Facebook or Twitter is a theory about Glenn and the evidence in support of, or against, his being alive. Personally, I went through a wide range of emotions that night after the initial shock began to waver a bit.

Heartbroken over the thought of losing him, angry that they would consider writing Glenn's death scene that way and filled with hope that there was a chance he was still alive. Yet, disappointed that they would toy with us in that manner.

I even went as far as finding these pictures of him going under the dumpster, and shared them on Twitter. Quite a few people hoped that this is how things went down:

SOURCE: TWD Fan Site/Twitter
SOURCE: TWD Fan Site/Twitter

For each article that is in support of his heroic dumpster shuffle, there are two others that say, 'C'mon people, get over it. Glenn is dead.' Within each article there is a litany of evidence that even Johnny Cochran couldn't defend. So, let me present to you an alternate theory:

Sit down, be patient, and wait two weeks for the next full cast episode!

I know, I know... I can understand how that doesn't really seem like a theory, but stay with me here. Months and months of planning went into this season's story and the very specific way that they have been telling it. Kirkman, Gimple and Nicotero have come up with such a particular way of spreading out this season's arc that there is something to be said for waiting and watching it play out.

As hard as it is, just breath and trust in the very capable minds that are crafting this intrinsically choreographed bit of television. Maybe, instead of obsessing over one particular character's fate, look for the other bits of character development morsels, disguised in moments of terror to occupy your mind. Get to know some of these new people that will be around for a while.

Next week's story will be all about Morgan; 90 minutes of story to be exact. Then, the following week we should all know Glenn's fate and we can either finally breath a sigh of relief or properly mourn our favorite pizza delivery guy.

Of Course I Want Glenn to Be Okay!

There's no doubt there. Glenn has always been one of my favorite characters. Even though I know his comic book fate (which, I am sure the entire world knows by now too), I am holding out hope that he IS alive and kicking. However, I think that instead of constantly debating the fact and restating the same evidence over and over, I am going to wait for the Morgan-centric episode and rewatch the first few weeks again in the meantime.

There is always something to learn about these characters when you rewatch. What motivates them, what terrifies them and more specifically, what Carol uses in her casseroles. That's an important skill to have in case of a ZA folks, so pay attention!

Until the next episode airs that reveals Glenn's fate, just sit back and relax. Stop the rampant speculations and dissections, and just enjoy the ride.


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