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Vampires are creatures of the dead of night who seek and survive on the blood of the living. In the past decade, both authors and filmmakers have latched onto the myth of the Vampire as a way of telling exciting stories. However, so much has been changed about these hunters of blood in order to make them believable as threats rather than jokes, because the truth is, they really are quite pathetic! Here are 10 facts about the original Vampire!

1. You Must Invite Them In

Contrary to popular belief, Vampires aren't really that great of hunters. In fact, if they aren't able to snatch you up before you enter the safety of your home, they can't get at you unless you have the stupidity to invite them in. Seriously, talk about good manners, Mr. Vampire!

2. They Can't Go Across Running Water

Vampires cannot pass by running water. The reasoning is that water is a symbol of life. Since vampires are dead, if they come in contact with running water, they're done for! Take a shower and you're totally safe.

3. Can't Face Mirrors

Seriously, if you have a bunch of mirrors in a room, the vampire cannot enter. This is because vampires have no reflection due to them being dead. Again, mirrors are just a repellent, but an effective one at that.

4. Can't Stand Garlic

If you enjoy certain toppings on your pizza, say for example garlic, then you are good to go against vampires. For whatever reason they can't stand the scent of garlic and are repelled by it at a moment's notice.

5. The Sign Of The Cross

It should be obvious that vampires don't like crucifixes. They are after all, not a fan of anything holy. Wear a cross around your neck, you're set.

6. Silver

Yep, that's right. I said silver. I guess the legend of the werewolf and the classic vampire got confused with one another at some point, because nowadays silver works as a lethal weapon against either.

7. Sunlight

It's common knowledge that vampires can't go in direct sunlight because it will incinerate them. However, this generation thinks that vampires sparkle when in contact with UV rays or they have to wear a ring to protect them from daylight hours.

8. Drop A Bag Of Seeds

Apparently, if you are being hunted down by a vampire and you just happen to have a bag of bird seeds, go ahead and dump a ton of the seeds on the ground. Vampires have to count them all! No joke, vampires are obsessive compulsive.

9. Stab Its Heart

Vampires are susceptible to both wooden and silver stakes to the heart. When either wood from the outdoors or silver from your family's expensive silverware set can kill a vampire, that's pretty sad indeed.

10. Sleep In Soil

Unfortunately for vampires, they've gotta sleep in the soil of their homeland. So if you're a vampire and you want to move to another state say, because the entire town is out to burn, puncture and throw seed at you, chances are you're going to run into some problems. Have fun dragging that inconvenient coffin around while trying to keep all the sacred dirt intact!

If vampires did exist, I wouldn't be afraid, I'd have pity for them.

Happy Halloween!


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