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Tristan French

National Lampoons Vacation follows Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) who decides to take his family on the road trip of a lifetime to the family theme park: Wally World.

I watched this 80's classic road trip movie a couple days ago for the first time and I absolutely loved it

I'm sure most of us knows what it feels like to go on a road trip crammed in a car for hours on end, wondering one simple question: Are We there yet? Well I know I can relate. This summer I went on a family vacation and we drove from Toronto to Disney World (which was about a 24 hour drive!), and we went on some crazy adventures getting there.

This is one of the reasons I had such a good time with Vacation. Its a fun, harmless, relate-able comedy that pretty much every can enjoy to some degree.

Another thing that makes this movie so fun is that The Griswold's are such a lovable family that you cant help but root for them! There a typical family, with a mom a dad and 2 kids, and the fact that there normal is why there so fun to watch

Overall, National Lampoon's Vacation has not only set up an entire franchise, but it also has influenced many other road trip movies (some that have gone on to win Oscars) including Little Miss Sunshine, Road Trip, and even The Muppet's Movie. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't consider a masterpiece or anything like that, but for a fun, light road-trip movie, its pretty great.


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