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Tristan French

After aliens mistake 1980's video games for war threats, they attack earth by taking on the form of old video games. The President of the USA (Kevin James), calls on a bunch of his video game nerd friends to help defeat the aliens.

Pixels may have a cool concept and great visual effects, but underneath all that, this is just another Adam Sandler movie.

First off, the first 10 minutes of this movie are actually really entertaining. We get to see all the characters when they were kids, and when they competed in the first ever video game championships. Unfortunately, the film goes downhill after that.

The performances are pretty terrible, especially Kevin James who is completely miscast as the president. Josh Gad is quite irritating in this film, and this is coming from a fan of the Wedding Ringer. Peter Dinklage is also wasted in this film and he's not funny at all.

The screenplay is laughably bad. There are tons of jokes that fall flat or that are just way too dumb to be funny.

While Pixels is very flawed, its also a film that you could enjoy s a guilty pleasure. The story, screenplay and acting are awful, but the action sequences are actually very well done and are by far the best part. There are scenes were Sandler and his buds are chasing Pac-Man and fighting Donkey Kong and these scenes are very entertaining and fun to watch. The visual effects are also really good!

Overall while Pixals isn't a good movie, its not an overly terrible one either. If your fan of Adam Sandler or classic video games, then this might be worth checking out. If not, then its not worth it.


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