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In 2011, Adele's album 21 came out and launched hit after hit including 'Rolling in the Deep', 'Rumor Has It', 'Someone Like You', and 'Set Fire to the Rain'. Then in 2012, everyone remembers her hit 'Skyfall' from the previous James Bond film. That song eventually led her to receive an Oscar for Best Original Song. But after that, she got pregnant and left the spotlight to raise her baby far from the prying eyes of the press.

As of late, there has been a lot of questioning about where she went and if she was ever going to come out with new music again. Then out of nowhere a single titled 'Hello' is released and so is a date for her new album, 25. The 'Hello' video also went on to kick Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' right out of its record holding spot on Vevo by surpassing it with 27.7 million views in its first 24 hours compared to Swift's 20.1 million.

Her past two albums were each written after a break up and she put her heartache into her songs. But now, she is happy and therefore does not have the same motivation to write that kind of music. In her first interview in three years she states:

I was very conscious not to make 21 again. I definitely wasn't going to write a heartbreak record 'cause I'm not heartbroken...Also, how I felt when I wrote 21, it ain't worth feeling like that again.

After becoming a mother and being in a good relationship with her boyfriend, 25 will no doubt have a different vibe than the past. But what surely hasn't changed are the vocals that no one but Adele can do. A voice like hers has been absent in the pop music world since her departure after 'Skyfall.' Needless to say, it's good to have her back.

There is also no one who handles fame quite like Adele does. How she shields her personal life from the public is almost impossible for a major celebrity like herself to accomplish in this time. But the fact that she can achieve that kind of privacy has made her even more famous.

Hopefully Adele will stick around again after the release of 25 and maybe lend her magical voice to another soundtrack or two? Either way the world can rejoice because Adele is back and ready to take back her throne once again!


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