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In the week episode of The Walking Dead episode 3 Season 6, Glenn Rhee apparently died by walkers, but I am here to reassure that he indeed is still alive and well.

Reason One: He is spotted with a character that we have not currently seen in The Walking Dead at all and this character is rumored to be Jesus from the comics.

Reason two: When Nick shoots himself he falls on Glenn so there is no way he could have been eaten with nick on him.

Reason three: When Glenn apparently gets eaten it's clear that it's not him because Glenn does not have that of a thick body and in the picture it shows no neck on Glenn but last I knew people have necks.

Reason four: When Glenn is apparently being eaten by walkers it shows intestines coming out of his chest, but last I knew intestines don't come out of chests.

Reason five: In the picture I pointed out Glenn's Head and where the walkers were attacking , but Glenn body is not that long and his intestines are not there either.

So there's my evidence on why I believe that Glenn from the walking dead is still alive.


Do you think Glenn is still alive?


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