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Friday the 13th is one of those all-time classic slasher franchises that as a horror fan, you just HAVE to see. Since the release of the original F13 flick in 1980, the cult horror series has become well-known across the globe, even by those that wouldn't consider themselves avid film buffs. I mean, EVERYONE has heard of Friday the 13th, right?

Now thanks to big names in the horror community such as Tom Savini, Kane Hodder, Sean S. Cunningham and more, an official Friday the 13th game is in the making! YOU can personally battle horror icon Jason Voorhees for the first time since 1989. Or better yet, you can BE Jason! Ultimately the game will be multiplayer, with players taking turns as either one of seven camp counselors trying to survive the night, or as Jason himself, with the aim of killing anything that moves.

The game will be a 7 vs 1 platform. Or as Adam Sessler has rightly stated, it could turn out to be 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1! So, in other words, you can work together to stay alive, or turn the game into a free-for-all. Sound interesting? Check out the trailer and creator interviews below!

Looks too good to be true, right? Well at this point, it kind of is... but that's why we need YOUR help to make a change! Here's the catch: Gun Media needs to raise $700,000 by the 14th of November to make this incredible game a reality. Thanks to horror fans the world over, the game has already received a whopping $583,000, which means there's only $117,000 to go in just under two weeks. It may sound like a lot, but if we all pitch in and donate (anywhere between $5-$7,500+ is permitted) then you can be sat at home with your mates a year from now, slaying teenagers as the infamous Jason Voorhees.

Oh, and the best part? The more money you pledge, the more prizes you'll receive! There's digital wallpapers, digital and hard copies of the game, YOU can be immortalized as a camp counselor in-game, your name in the game credits, and even a trip to meet the cast is up for grabs! So what are you waiting for?


Can't afford to pledge but still want to help? No problem! Give their Facebook page a 'like,' or simply share this article and spread the word. We can't let this amazing opportunity for horror fans go to waste, so get talking!


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