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Okay, this article is about two things I love: Demi Lovato and Superheroes. Many people have often fancast her in possible film or television adaptations of young-adult novels and I respect that, but I always thought that I should turn the other cheek and fancast as a superhero for Marvel and DC Comics instead, and I really think it would be so cool for her to do so. Here is the 7 superheroines I selected to be a good fit for Miss Confident herself.

1.) Miss America/America Chavez

I think Demi would be a really good fit for this role. She has the right look and acting chips for the role: They're both Hispanic and really awesome butt kickers, plus Miss America was born to many mothers in the Utopian Parallel, and Demi is a supporter of gay rights, so she could pull this role without any disappointment.

2.) Zatanna

I always thought that Demi could also kill it as Zatanna. She has the looks for the character and the body for her as well, so what she needs to do is to practice a lot of magic and slap on a sexy magician costume like Zatanna Zatara's, and then we have DC's beloved magician superheroine on our hands.

3.) Rogue

This may be a weird choice for this superheroine for Marvel comics, but I the demi dyes her hair in many colors like a pro always caught my eye, so maybe if she can give her hair some white highlights, then she could get to the part, because Demi also looks just like her anyways.

4.) Raven

Elizabeth Gillies, Ksenia Solo, and Zoey Deutch are among my good picks for Rae Rae, but Demi Lovato is my strongest one of all. She has the perfect look and acting chops for Raven, having been sort of a goth since her start as a Disney star, so maybe this role should be so divine I could never forget it.

5.) Starfire

So I always thought that either Ariana Grande or Skyler Samuels should be Starfire, but then it changed when thoughts of Demi came in mind. Not only she has the look for the beautiful Tamarnean princess, but also the perfect acting chops and body for her, and she's also very sweet like Starfire is, so seeing Demi Lovato as this other Teen Titan could be 100% pure fire.

6.) Donna Troy

I think Demi would be an amazing Donna Troy a.k.a. Wonder Girl and Darkstar (Sorry Kaya Scodelario and Alexandra Daddario). Demi has the right look for Donna and she reminds me of Gal Gadot at some point, maybe if Wonder Woman needs at some point, She can call on demi or I should say Donna.

7.) Aquagirl/Lorena Marquez

I often consider two former Disney superstars to take on the role of Aquagirl and that's Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Again, she has the look and acting chops for the role: Demi is of Hispanic descent like Lorena Marquez is, and she's also a good swimmer, so maybe she'll save that for the as this superheroine right here.


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