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To commemorate the start of the Baseball World Series, Bethesda has released an all new, oh so very special baseball-themed gameplay clip online. Swing away Sole Survivor, swing away!

If you are a Red Sox fan, look away now. Your hallowed ground is not as you may remember it. This new clip, released in line with the World Series, is showcasing Fallout's new 'Big Leagues' perk that'll allow players to deal double damage when using melee weapons.

In this case, sportsmanship is out the window. The developers have opted to use a conventional baseball bat but with some seriously unregulated editions. Using the game’s new crafting system they have been able to fit the bat with an array of super long nails, giving it an almost Dying Light-type feel.

This perk also gives the player the option to perform what they call a 'Grand Slam,' which basically means that if done correctly, you can take the head of your enemy clean off. Da, da, da, da, da, daaaa!

Fallout 4 releases November 10th on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Don't forget that you can preload Fallout 4 onto your gaming system now, which means that come release day the game will be ready to go immediately. Convenient!

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