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Okay so there are spoilers ahead, if you didn't see The Walking Dead last Sunday and don't know what happened ( I don't know how you couldn't, it's everywhere! Don't Read Ahead)

(Okay You're Still With Me! Let's Do This!)

Zombie history was just made this week, well if you're reading and believing all the spoilers and fan reactions to Sunday night’s Walking Dead episode. Everyone seems to be talking about it, it’s all over Facebook, it’s all over Movie Pilot, it’s even on I finally got to see it the other night (Yes I’m a bad fan, I know) and I was on the edge of my seat. I knew ahead of time what was going to happen, so I spent the most part of the night leaning forward waiting for that moment. I got to prepare myself, unlike everyone else who saw it on Sunday. I spent most of Monday coming to terms with it.

“I can handle this” I told myself

“Everyone has to go sometime”

“Why! Baby Jesus! Why!”

All those statements ran through my head at onces and when that moment came, I felt….

Annoyed! Everyone had me thinking Glenn took a dirt nap, that he was up in that big Walking Dead Sky, looking down through the clouds like Mufasa saying “Hey you! Dumb ass! Hey you in the tank!” to all those sad fools he lift behind. Yet when I watched it, I could clearly see that Nicholas’s body was on top of Glenn, who is safe (Well as safe as you can be with a group of zombies feeding on top of you).

Shame on you America and you too Internet, you shouldn’t play with someone’s heart like that. So I’m not even going to pretend that I believe that his dead, what I’m going to do is make some predictions (Based off of the internet, friends, and my own thoughts) about how he's gonna get out of this mess.

1) Glenn Gets Low…….Real Low

Now this is most likely the simplest way for the writers to save him, I mean it’s hard if you were living through it but it’s easy for the writers to say “Well the Zombies are eating Nicholas right now so Glenn just crawled out from under them and takes off” It’s a bit of a cheap way out, but I don’t care, just as long as Glenn is alive. I’ve been a fan of his since his big breaking role on Big Bang Theory (it’s an amazing 10 seconds, you should check it out). Yet I can see this happening, the camera zooms in on Glenn’s blank face, his eyes wide open, no blinking. Then he just snaps into actions and starts pulling his way through each and every walker’s legs, he gets grabbed, he pushes, he kicks, and his free. Takes a look back at what could have been his fate and just moves on with life, but then there’s the other outcome

2) Glenn Makes It Out, Or Does He?

Now to me it’s starting to feel like Glenn and Maggie have something their not telling the group. Glenn risked his life to make it back to Maggie when the prison got taken over, She did the same to get to him. Yet now they're always parting ways, she’s staying clear of all the trouble and keeping safe in Alexandria. Now you could say Glenn just doesn’t want her risking her life, but given what they have been through, having Maggie stay behind is weakening the team, she’s a pretty good fighter, just like the rest of them, there is no need for her to stay behind. (Now Carol gets left because she’s the wild card, you play her when you can’t make another move, when your back is against the wall, or when you need a little future serial killer to “Just Look At The Flowers”). So there really isn’t a need to leave Maggie out of everything, unless she’s got a baby on the way. Which is what I think, there’s a bun in the oven, so they know she can’t be out risking everything.

So this is what I think is gonna happen, same thing as example one but when Glenn gets home he pulls a Bob, he gets that odd smile on his face, he cries a little, he tells everyone how much they mean to him. Then he asks Rick to kill him, because he got bit. I would hate it, but I can see him fighting his way back to Maggie one last time just to say goodbye

3) Rick Saves The Day

Now if you have been reading the reports online people think that this moment is gonna pan out like Rick in the tank during Season one, when he first meet Glenn, but this time Rick will be the hero. Now this would be amazing, and just good writing if they were able to play it all out like that, but Rick is trapped in an RV with a Storm of Zombies moving his way. His hand is messed up (maybe he might lose it, I don’t know. I know I’ve been waiting for that moment since day one!) So he doesn’t seem like the likely hero for this moment in time.

Aside from that, Rick should be a good ways away from Glenn. I’m not gonna lie and say I totally know where everyone is but I will say, I doubt he's gonna run through the woods and just come upon the Alley where Glenn is. So I’m just not buying this one.

4) Enid Saves The Day?

Now this one came up when me and my co-worker were talking about the mind blowing experience that was this episode. She believes that Enid might save him, We don’t know much about her aside from she’ll do anything to survive, even eat a poor little turtle and play with it’s bones after (she might be crazy o_O) Yet we do know she’s the only person that isn’t accounted for, so she really could be the only hope Glenn has left.

I don’t know how this one would play out, all I know is if she does save him then she will be my new best friend and Glenn and Maggie need to adopt her and make her part of their crazy family. So I’m hoping this does happen because I want to know more about Enid, her little storyline at the start of episode two was really good. I like how she went from a scared kid to the JSS badass we know now, who shows up during an all out war and says “Yeah shit’s hitting the fan, I’m out, nice knowing you” Someone who knows how to Survive that’s who.

5) The Madness Moves On

Now this is what I feel like is going to happen. I Think Glenn’s little mishap is happening while Carol is going all Rambo on the Wolves in the town. We know that wherever everyone is, their within ear shot of the town, that’s why the Zombies went off course. So I feel that all the gunfire is gonna start pulling them all away, till Glenn is able to break free and fight off the ones he can handle. I think he might dig into his season one toy box and cover himself in Walker Blood just to make it back to the town without any trouble. Yet I think if this happens he's gonna come across Rick and save his ass again, this time from an RV.

So those are my thoughts on the matter, there are some other talks about a group called the Whispers coming to save him, but I haven’t gotten that far in the comics so I don’t know much about them, which is why I didn’t bring it up, but one thing I know is He's not dead. If you want a little more poof than me just saying so here are some facts:

There are photos of Glenn back on set with a cast member we haven’t seen yet.

They have never killed off anyone like that, we have never had to guess if someone is dead (well that’s not true….Carol’s kid kind of breaks that statement up, but she wasn’t a big character)

Glenn’s death in the comic book was 30 times better, I doubt they would just waste that by giving him this one.

He wasn’t on the Talking Dead, which most of us know is where dead cast members go after they die. It’s like the Walking Dead afterlife.

And lastly, did I say there are photos of him on set?

Well how about Glenn still has a Flair gun, so odds are he can call for help.

We have a two week wait to find out, so let’s hope for the best guys.


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