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Justin Bieber has recently been doing a lot of radio press interviews in support of new single 'Sorry' and soon-to-be-released album 'Purpose.'

But in this particular Spanish radio interview, Justin seemed to finally lose his nerve with interviewers after they asked him a lot of useless questions, attempting to use Justin as a pawn for their own self-centered gain.

The interview did not take long to descend into bizarre tension, with the interviewers asking Bieber if he 'ran out of people to thank' after achieving a clean sweep of awards (a massive 6 in total) at the Milan EMAs this previous weekend.

Justin responded with the following comment:

'I just wanted to be in the moment. I don't wanna have to think about all these different people during this time, I just wanna enjoy it,
'If they need me to thank them on an award show to make them feel validated, you weren't doing it for the right reasons anyway.'

The vibe of the interview carried on along the downward trajectory towards awkward oblivion, as interviewers pedantically and persistently prodded Justin more and more with questions including whether Bieber dressed himself, and whether there was any special lady hidden "behind the looks" of Justin Bieber.

Justin responded politely that there was no such lady, which should have called for a change in topic. But the interviewers were unfairly persistent, and when just you thought things had reached the irreparable abyss of bad professionalism on the behalf of the Spanish radio team, they asked Justin to create "a crazy video to break the internet" for their "hundreds of millions of followers."

The radio staff pleaded Justin to help them in their own efforts to create more success for their radio show.

At this point, Justin was at tipping point and with composure he replied:

"hundreds of millions? Crazy."

Justin proceeded to leave the room with the interviewers calling after him.

In the age of social media and viral videos, the transparent attempts on the behalf of interviewers to exploit celebrities in often irrelevant ways for their own increased exposure and profitable gain, is becoming an increasing issue.

Check out the full interview below!

This isn't the only recent instance of an interviewer stepping over the line

Just recently, Daniel Craig was asked in a promotional interview for Spectre whether he would 'pout' for the interviewer in an attempt to create 'crazy content' that would increase this particular media outlet's exposure.

Craig looked increasingly more uncomfortable as the interviewer would not back down with their proposal. Eventually Craig responded firmly with "I think you need to move on."

Earlier this year, Robert Downie Jr., similarly to Justin Bieber, walked out of an interview whose initial purpose was to promote Avengers: Age of Ultron. The interviewer decided to go wildly off-topic and started bringing up the superstar's past, including his drug addiction, the relationship the star has with his father and the time he served in prison. Eventually, the actor could not suffer any more and got up and left the interview.

Are interviewers taking it too far?


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