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Remember that scene in the original Spider-Man in which Peter Parker - under his admittedly lame wrestler name 'The Human Spider' - tries to survive three minutes in the cage with the scarily ripped meathead Bonesaw? Well, as it turns out, when he wasn't crushing skulls in the ring, Bonesaw was boning backstage...and not in private.

In an interview with Yahoo! Movies, Bruce Campbell (who played the ring announcer) recounted a pretty hilarious on set sex story about wrestling legend Randy Savage, a.k.a. Bonesaw. The two spent four days together, filming this scene:

During this time they not only shared their living quarters, but also a salaciously intimate and extremely awkward moment. Listen to the full story below, the best part of which is watching Lucy Lawless try (and fail) to hold it together!

I guess we know where Peter Parker got all that sticky white fluid from...

"Randy Savage had his girlfriend and we were both in the same trailer together."

"Aaaand, yep, he had his girlfriend over."

At this point Lucy Lawless is just losing it. "Did they make you sit on the stop?"

"No I didn't have to. It didn't matter where I sat, 'cause there was some girlfriending happening right next door."

"But it's like a duplex with no insulation. So, yep, he had fun while working on that movie. He had to rehearse, probably work out those routines."

Lawless: "So she was going 'Oh, that's good, no that's better. Oh no, not like that." Wait maybe she was his acting coach!"

Campbell:"Oh, you mean they were acting next door! Oh jeez, thank you for clarifying that, 'cause I thought there was pretty much just animalistic sex happening next door."

"I guess what I realize is that she was coaching him. It all makes sense now."

Great, now every time I watch that scene I'm just going to picture a sweaty Randy Savage and his 'acting coach' rehearsing lines like bunnies...

[Source: Yahoo!Movies]


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