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The unflappable confidence of the Disney Villains means that they are all comfortable enough in their own skin to engage in a bit of playful gender bending and exchanging flowing locks for short crops or swapped smooth skin for bushy beards doesn't make them any less sinister.

Below is a collection of awesome edits from TT Bret, a talented illustration student which just goes to show that fear has no gender, but which one do you think pulls off their fresh new look the best?

Chriselle de Phil

Chriselle de Phil looks every inch the terrifying, malicious fashion boss in his bespoke fur coat and daring scarlet gloves.

Papa Gothel

Papa Gothal, because blokes hate aging too!

Reverse of Jafar

Just when you thought Jafar couldn't get any more creeptastic, this happens.


Herdes takes "resting bitch face" to a whole new level with her expressive eyes and no nonsense brows.

Captain Brooke

Captain Hook's rakish dress sense is surprisingly unisex.


Male-ficient's dramatic gothic makeup makes him look even more threatening.

Claudette Frollo

It will take more than a bit of lippy to soften up Frollo's fearsome features.

Ursula's Update

Bringing sassy tentacle beard realness!

(Source: Let There Be Doodles)


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