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News concerning Dean Israelite's 2017 bound Power Rangers movie has been rife over the last few weeks, with four of the five members of the super powered squad having being cast with exciting, up and coming talent filling the ranks.

And now Collider have the low down on even more information on the feature, including its title and, even more excitingly, the characters names, which have had quite the radical overhaul.


In keeping with the current spate of superhero capers like Marvel's The Avengers and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the next cinematic outing of the teenagers with attitude will be titled *drumroll* Saban's Power Rangers. It's a shame they chose to emit the iconic alliteration of Mighty Morphin' from the title, but it's clear that this heralds a new dawn for our helmeted heroes.

But Wait...There's More

Along with the title reveal came talk of the script having been tweaked after MMPR co-creator, producer and legendary composer Haim Saban and Isrealite added their embellishments. And with the changes come new character names, because "new dawn," and it means the movie isn't technically a reboot anymore...

Jason, Zack, Kimberley, Billy and Trini are no more! I'd like to introduce you to:

Callum Oliver – The Red Ranger/Tyrannosaurus

Played by: Dacre Montgomery

#DacreMontgomery is officially suiting up as the #RedRanger. Get excited for the @PowerRangersMovie, coming in 2017!

A photo posted by Power Rangers (@powerrangersmovie) on

Priya Patel – The Pink Ranger/Pterodactyl

Played by: Naomi Scott

It’s official! #NaomiScott will play the #PinkRanger in the @PowerRangersMovie!  Coming in 2017…

A photo posted by Power Rangers (@powerrangersmovie) on

Brian Olson – The Blue Ranger/Triceratops

Played by: RJ Cyler

Welcome #RJCyler to the team as the #BlueRanger in the upcoming @PowerRangersMovie!

A photo posted by Power Rangers (@powerrangersmovie) on

Oscar Fernandez – The Black Ranger/Mastodon

Played by: Ludi Lin

The team is coming together! #LudiLin is morphing into the #BlackRanger in 2017 for the @PowerRangersMovie.

A photo posted by Power Rangers (@powerrangersmovie) on

Teyana Jones – The Yellow Ranger/Sabretooth Tiger

The identity of the Yellow Ranger has still yet to be revealed, which could either mean the role has yet to be cast, the production companies are biding their time or...are we set to see the return of a classic Ranger stepping in to hand over the reins?


While the names have changed, it's great to see the classic dino-themed Zords will get a run out in modern CGI!

The movie's budget has also been revealed. Standing at a relatively low $35 million, the small outlay won't be too great a loss for Lionsgate and Saban Entertainment in case the movie doesn't fare well at the box office.

What do you make of all that?

The Power Rangers will be heading back into cinemas on January 13th, 2017, and I, for one, am looking forward to digging my old, dusty Morpher from out of the attic and screaming "MASTODON" at passersby.

(Source: Collider)


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