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WARNING!! This article has BIG SPOILERS to "Captain Amrica: Civil War"!

Hello to everyone! Today I'm going to tell the big news about Vision in "Captain America: Civil War" and the theories about that, you can go down the page where there is a video about all of this.

Let's begin:

  • 1) Vision and Scarlet Witch will be in relationship

In the comics Vision and Scarlet Witch are in relationship, and even got married. This was hint in "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" when Vision saved Scarlet Witch in the end of the Battle of Segovia, and now we know this will happen.

Vision is saving Scarlet Witch
Vision is saving Scarlet Witch

But here is the question: How they will be in relationship if they in different teams?

  • 2) Vision in both sides

So we know the sides in "Captain America: Civil War" and Vision in Stark's side and Scarlet Witch in Cap's side, but there was revealed that Vision will be in Stark team and than will jump to Cap team. So it will make His and Scarlet Witch relationship possible.

Civil War sides
Civil War sides
  • 3) Vision in space

In the end of "Captain America: Civil War", Vision will leave earth and go to space. What will happen to him there? here 3 opptions:

1. He will get to Asgard and we maybe see him in "Thor: Ragnarok"

2. Somehow he will meet Guardians of the galaxy in "Guardians of the galaxy 2" and tell them about the Avengers and this will make Guardians of the galaxy and the Avengers to unite and defeat Thanos together.

3. Thanos will find Vision, and will steal the Mind Gem

And even in the first or second way Thanos can steal the Mind Gem from Vision (,manual)

Vision in Guardians of the galaxy
Vision in Guardians of the galaxy

So here are big and awesome news about the Vision.

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