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In the wake of the League of Legends 2015 World Championship final on October 31 in Berlin, Germany, we have but one question on our mind: What brought this tournament of Legends down to these two teams?

With a prize of $1,000,000 on the line for the World Champion, this competition has seen some of the greatest gamers on the planet compete against one another for the ultimate prize.


Both of these teams have some startling talent within them, but it takes more than a few stars to wipe out teams from three continents in the Worlds.

How Two Korean Legends Made it to The Finals

An impressive series of games!
An impressive series of games!

For South Korea, e-sports is a national sensation. Its permeated the national zeitgeist in ways we Westerners can't even comprehend. A couple would be just as inclined to go to a game club as they would the movies, and players on teams like SK Telecom and KOO Tigers are household names. It's inescapable, and no country has been able to match their devotion.

2014 Worlds held in South Korea
2014 Worlds held in South Korea
“Pro gaming exists in its current form and size in large part thanks to the people who made it possible in South Korea,” said Manuel Schenkhuizen, a Dutch pro gamer. “Other countries took years to catch up and are to this date trying to mimic some of their successes.”

But even though these teams hail from the same land, they've carved out their own style and methods of success that are totally unique from one another. Want to know why they've dominated at the worlds? Just look at these teams!

SK Telecom T1 K


This League of Legends team dates back to December 2012 and were quick to make a name for themselves. In a few months after their assembly, they competed at OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013 and were given the nickname "Judgement Day".

To give you an example; SKT are renowned for their skirmishes, probably the greatest of which you can see below!

This moment saw the South Korean team go home with the top prize at the Championship games in L.A. in 2013. Some of the talented individuals who achieved this feat are still around, and their formidable team have yet to lose a single match in the 2015 Worlds.

The formidable T1
The formidable T1
  • MaRin - This guy is SKT's "Top" player, he's recognized as the greatest Rumble player in Korea and has an aggressive play-style, one that's characteristic of the team.
  • Bengi - This "Jungle" player has won many awards for his singular accomplishments in his field. Apparently he's the quiet guy on the team though, allegedly not even talking to his teammates in the Team House at times. Silent but deadly!
  • Faker - The anchor of the team. Faker is a "Mid" master, and widely considered to be the greatest LoL player in the world. Need we say more?
  • Easyhoon - While he doesn't exactly match the abilities of Faker as a "mid player", his unique style of playing has allowed the team to feel comfortable with Faker on the bench in certain situations. A master of his craft.
  • Bang - This chap walked away with an impressive Pentakill award following his achievements against the KOO Tigers earlier this year. He's a star in his field, so be sure to watch his moves on Saturday!
  • Wolf - This "support" player is a confidant young guy, one who fights for perfection and has even been disappointed with victories in the past.

KOO Tigers

Rock those bunny ears!
Rock those bunny ears!

The younger team of KOO Tigers was formed in November of 2014. Thanks to their dedication and skill, they've arrived at the Worlds as the second seed from Korea with the most circuit points behind SKT. This talented team has only lost two games at the Worlds so far, but many doubt that they'll be able to take on SKT.

But there's no denying, they have serious skills:

Though people may doubt whether they're up to the task on Saturday, you can't fault the astounding lineup that the KOO Tigers are rocking!

Team KOO Tigers
Team KOO Tigers
  • Smeb - Renowned for holding the Top lane against almost any challenger, Smeb was the first to earn a pentakill by a toplaner in Champions history. Can't wait for his performance on Saturday!
  • Hojin - After being defeated in the quarterfinals in a 2-3 loss to SK Telecom T1 with another team in 2014, Hojin is back for revenge in his new home with KOO Tigers. This guy has serious potential.
  • KurO - Known as the greatest Victor player in Korea, KurO was a member of the "Incredible Failures", a group of players in Korea whom were on Incredible Miracle and have become top tier players. Here to impress!
  • PraY - Described as a 'genius' of the carry role he plays, PraY is an aggressive player that SKT need to keep an eye on.
  • GorillaA - This support player allegedly picked this nickname because he thinks he looks like a gorilla...interesting. But this guy is considered to be one of the best Lulu players in Korea. Keep an eye out for this gorilla.
  • Wisdom - This additional Jungle player has provided some excellent backup for the KOO Tigers in the past and has proven himself to be a valuable asset to the team.

Does South Korea Have the Best League of Legends Players in the World?

Bring it on!
Bring it on!

Taking a look at the support that South Korea gives e-sports and the players that engage with them, is this the country with the best LoL players in the world? Both teams have certainly demonstrated remarkable skill this year and we're excited to see them butt heads!

However, there were some incredible teams from other continents in competition for the spot in the finals, yet all of them were decimated by these two teams. South Korea may not have all of the best LoL players in the world, but there's no denying their skill and perfect environment for breeding champions!


Who do you think will walk away with the ultimate prize on Saturday?

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