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Today, I have strayed - somewhat dangerously - from my usual route of superhero writings, and will instead be talking to you all about my other passion (which is equally geeky): Video gaming.

In my current life, I'm not-so-slowly hyping myself up for the imminent release of the Treyarch-made Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3. I'm already a big fan of the Black Ops franchise, having been an avid player of both previous installations. As far as gaming achievements go, I'm not ashamed of that one.

I don't like Halo, but this is the best Google had.
I don't like Halo, but this is the best Google had.

So, if, like me, you're also eagerly anticipating the arrival of the famous FPS, I'm not here to give you an early copy. Sorry about that. Instead, I'm here to give you four reasons as to why it will be the best Call of Duty yet.

1. The Most In-Depth Campaign Yet

A big selling point for this game is the fact that its campaign is extremely co-op friendly. Players with Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus will be able to jump into lobbies with their friends, play solo, or latch onto a game with fellow players on the web.

As well as this, the dynamics of the game have been redesigned with new 'Cybercore' abilities, which will definitely add much-needed variety to the sometimes-endless groups of enemies in the campaign mode. You can check out the Cybercore chaos below:

Another reason to be stoked is the emotional impact that this game will supposedly have on players. As sad as that sounds, hear me out. Games like The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto V have really raised the bar in terms of video game storytelling. No longer are we seeing shallow, badly developed characters which simply aim and shoot your weapon for you, no, we're instead delving much more into the narrative aspect, and learning what's important to our virtual selves. When asked about his vision for the campaign, Treyarch Studio head Mark Lamia said this:

We really wanted to bring a realistic and gripping dystopia to our players' screens. We've added all kinds of extra collectibles into the campaign missions which players can hunt down to learn more about the world in which the game is set. A big attraction for us is that you might come out of the campaign with one impression [...] and your friend might have seen it as something completely different.

So it would seem as if the writers over at Treyarch have really been working their butts off to bring us the most detailed and enjoyable COD campaign yet. Here's to hoping that it lives up to expectations.

Yeah you better be nervous...
Yeah you better be nervous...

2. A Completely Redefined Multiplayer

I know, I know, "redefined multiplayer" is the most over-used phrase when it comes to describing a soon-to-be released Call of Duty. Call of Duty: Ghosts said it would redefine the genre, and we all know how true that turned out to be.

This time around, however, I really feel as if BO3 will finally be the first in the franchise to be worthy of the "redefining" title. We've gone back to the well-trusted "pick ten" system, you can truly customize your weapon of choice in the paint shop or with visible attachments, and (what I'm personally most excited for) they've introduced a whole new concept: Specialists.

The "Sparrow" specialist.
The "Sparrow" specialist.

Specialists will introduce a whole new way to engage your enemies. At launch, you'll be able to choose from a selection of nine characters, all of whom have a specialist ability and a specialist weapon. Take Sparrow, for instance (pictured above). If you choose to select her specialist weapon, after a designated amount of time or points you'll be able to unleash a series of super powerful explosive arrows from her bow to take down your foes in that extra-unique style. If, instead, you choose to equip her specialist ability, you'll be sending a sonar ping throughout the entire map and having the whole of the opposing team highlighted in red. Cool stuff, huh?

3. A Colossal Zombies Experience

If Treyarch's COD games are renowned for anything, it's for their 'Zombie Survival' mode. Having started in Call of Duty: World At War, fans have since been addicted to rebuilding barriers, collecting weapons and, needless to say, shooting the heck out of a ton of zombies. Below you can watch the trailer for their latest zombies map, Shadows of Evil:

Pretty incredible, right? This installation in the ever-popular Zombies mode will be the biggest playable arena yet, featuring multiple outdoor and indoor areas, an underground tram system, and all new ways to slaughter zombies imaginatively. One of these all-new ways is the gum ball machine, pictured below:

This thing.
This thing.

You should have seen this during the trailer, but it may take a little explanation before you fully understand what it's about. These chewable goodies offer gamers brief and convenient power-ups, such as the ability to appear invisible to the hordes of the undead. The gum ball required for that specific ability is pictured above.

Others grant players powers that you can activate, such as spawning a random power-up directly in front of you. No matter which color you get to chow down on, it's sure to improve your zombies experience.

4. An (Extremely) Improved Movement System

It goes without saying that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was an ambitious FPS, to say the least. Its introduction of the futuristic exo-skeleton handed participants cross-map movement that was completely unrivaled by any other of the franchise's games. Whie many took this as a good thing, most loyal fans were disappointed with how far it had strayed from traditional Call of Duty gameplay.

Advanced Warfare
Advanced Warfare

A large topic of debate recently has been whether or not the upcoming Black Ops will re-incorporate these high-tech pieces of metal. Well, fortunately for most of us, it won't.


Instead, this will be the first Call of Duty to integrate a fast-paced movement system that won't allow you to just travel across the map in a few seconds. Those engaging in multiplayer will be given "thrusters," which have a limited amount of use before they have to recharge. So, unlike Advanced Warfare, you won't be flying around the map 24/7. Treyarch recently announced a whole new game mode which will allow you and your friends to explore the movement system in time trial conditions: Free Run. Gameplay is attached below.

Awesome stuff. As you can see, this clip features the thruster meter, which limits your time off-ground. It incorporates weapon usage, and of course the exciting addition of underwater maneuverability.

So there we have it. My four reasons as to why Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will be the best and most enjoyable FPS the franchise has ever produced. But what about you guys? Will it shoot its way to the top of the charts or will it be shot down by the likes of Fallout 4? Leave your thoughts in the comments, or take the poll! Until next time, guys. :)


What will be the best thing about Call of Duty: Black Ops 3?


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