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Luke Hatherall

The entire of the Walking Dead fan base has been going crazy on the internet asking "Is Glenn really dead?" I'm one of many people who think that he is not. The way they fell off the dumpster I believe that the insides, guts, etc all belong to Nicholas. He fell directly on top of Glenn. Leading me to believe that the blood and guts being ripped apart in the newest episode don't belong to Glenn and are Nicholas's making me think Glenn is not dead, You may be thinking "Even if they are Nicholas's, how did Glenn escape all them Walkers!" Here me out: If they really do belong to Nicholas that means Glenn has been covered in blood, and a lot of it. Think all the way back to Season 1 episode 2 "Guts" when Glenn and Rick covered themselves in blood to walk straight through a heard of Zombies. If Glenn has been covered in Nicholas's blood there's a thin chance that the walkers will just retreat thinking Glenn is a Walker himself. What do you guys think of my theory, Am I just trying to come up with something because I don't want to believe Glenn could be dead, or could I be right?


Is Glenn Dead or are we seeing Nicholas being torn apart?


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