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Ever since Batman v Superman was announced back in 2013, all of us have wondered: How is Batman going to fight Superman?! The match-up sounds crazy when you put logic to it, in actual fact, the contenders are evenly matched. It goes beyond who can throw the hardest punch or who's parents are more dead.

See, I've heard everything, from "Batman beat him, dude. Read The Dark Knight Returns," to ",Superman doesn't even need to get in close to kill Batman. He could zap him with his heat-vision from miles away." All of it, arguments about strength in both mind and body, debates about intelligence in humans compared to aliens... it starts getting to the point where I'm not sure either side making these statements even understands the characters they're rooting for.

When you think logically about illogical and fictional characters, you miss the point. Because logic dictates this conclusion:

There's More to It Than Brutality

Everyone begins this discussion assuming Superman will or would win. After all, he's far more powerful a character than the likes of Batman. Even with all his gadgets, Batman is still just a man in a suit. People assume The Dark Knight has no chance because Superman could just fry him with his heat vision or punch a hole through him.

The Fact Is, Batman Would Lose If Not for One Advantage

Superman is a good person. The same cannot be said for humans. All humans are born with a natural instinct for evil. We have to be taught good, but Superman was born with good intentions in mind. He's only ever been here to help us. He knows he's one of the most powerful beings on the planet, so he holds himself to a much higher standard than anyone else. He will always hold back when facing anyone of less power. He will always take the hits someone else can't and he will never put lives at risk in order to defeat an opponent.

Batman Is NOT a Good Person

Batman has no problem fighting dirty, but Superman does. Superman believes in honor. Batman believes in winning and security. The Dark Knight doesn't think anyone is pure and that everyone, under the right conditions, would turn evil.

"Twenty years in Gotham, how many good guys are left? How many stayed that way? He (Superman) has the power to wipe out the entire human race. And we have to destroy him."

The Conclusion

Between Batman's ruthlessness and Superman's honor, they are equals. Batman will cross every line, but killing and Superman crosses few lines, but could happen. When you put the characters themselves in the arena, and not with their powers, Bruce Wayne's rage and negative mindset will always level Clark's good nature. Because while Batman fights out of fear of the unknown, Superman fights for truth.


What's more powerful: Rage or Honor?


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