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WARNING: Spoilers for The Walking Dead TV and comic series ahead!

I'll admit, things looked pretty bad for Glenn Rhee at the end of Episode 3 of The Walking Dead this Sunday, after a whole crush of walkers piled on an alleyway, causing Nicholas to freak out so much he killed himself, and take Glenn down with him when he fell.

But, right from the start there was a lot unanswered about Glenn's demise which just didn't add up, causing wild speculation across the internet that he might still have a chance at survival. If you're not convinced Glenn was still alive at the end of Episode 3, then you can check out my article over here, but if you're already sure of his alive-status, then you might like to check out these six possible ways that Glenn could totally escape the horde next time we see him:

1. A savior comes to his aid

As Nicholas and Glenn ran into the alleyway, there were a couple of spots that could provide either a great escape route, or a great spot for a rescuer to enter the scene. Firstly there was the set of stairs leading into the building next to the alleyway, and also the green door right next to the dumpster that Glenn tried to open, but couldn't. It's entirely possible that someone could either be inside the building, or passing by and save Glenn. So who might the savior be?

My first thought was Enid (Katelyn Nacon), who we saw leave Alexandria in Episode 2. When Katelyn Nacon was interviewed on The Talking Dead two weeks ago, she confirmed that Enid will be back on the show saying, "if you do see her, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised."

Will Enid or Jesus save Glenn
Will Enid or Jesus save Glenn

My second suspect is a character who is yet to be introduced on the show, but is well known to comic readers: Jesus. Paul 'Jesus' Monroe comes from a walled community named Hilltop. His character is introduced in issue 91 of the comics, and is a total badass. Normally I wouldn't be quick to suggest a comic character might come to the rescue, but the fact is that a very Jesus-y looking fellow has been spotted on set recently, including in scenes with Glenn (read more about Jesus over here), so this makes this theory entirely possible (plus what's better than a person nicknamed Jesus saving your skin?!).

2. He waits until the horde is distracted

By now I think we've all noticed that the dumpster behind Glenn has a pretty big gap underneath it, so big in fact that Glenn could probably squeeze himself underneath it to hide from the horde who are busy devouring Nicholas. If Glenn was quick enough and quiet enough, perhaps her could fold himself underneath the dumpster, and wait until the horde is done eating and is distracted, before making his escape. It would be a great opportunity for him to use his walkie talkie to try and get someone to get back to him quickly and distract the horde for him.

3. He waits until the horde crush themselves to death

This theory comes courtesy of Redditor reddittechnica, and also relies on Glenn hiding in the small space underneath the dumpster while the walkers destroy themselves.

When Nicholas and Glenn fell, the horde was whipped into a massive frenzy over the possibility of some fresh meat. As we saw, the alleyway was completely packed with walkers, all crushing forward. The more that the walkers crush forward, the less space they have, and the more impossible it becomes for any of them to bend down, or even fall close to Glenn's hiding space underneath the dumpster. Basically, as reddittechnica says, they neutralize themselves with the eagerness to get to the flesh -- especially if Glenn, safe under the dumpster, agitates the horde by making noise, driving the crush forward until the group kills itself.

This theory might sound a little crazy, but actually we already saw it work for the group in the very same episode. Remember when Rick ran back to the RV? Yep, that's a pile of walkers who all crushed too close together in a confined space and ended up dead. Could we see this happen again?

4. He uses the flare gun to cause a distraction

The reason Nicholas and Glenn ended up alone in an alleyway was because they had initially set out to set the old feed store on fire using a flare gun. Unfortunately, the store had already burned down, but presumably, Glenn still kept the flare gun -- could he use this to cause a distraction and escape? Even if he was only able to get back onto of the dumpster, it's still better than his current position.

5. Something above or below him might conveniently help

If we're all on board for the possibility of Glenn rolling underneath the dumpster, then stretch your imagination a little further, and maybe something fortuitous might appear. Perhaps it's possible that lying under that dumpster could be a manhole allowing Glenn down into the sewers, or a hole in the bottom of the dumpster, allowing him to climb inside. Both scenarios would allow him safe shelter while he radios the gang for backup.

I'll admit that it sounds crazy, but after a couple of references to Season 1, Episode 1 made it into this week's episode (Glenn calling Rick "dumbass," and even the use of the walkie talkies), one more would totally work. Remember this scene:

Could it happen again? Why not! After all, this is The Walking Dead -- anything can and will happen!

6. He doesn't need saving, it was all a hallucination

The final theory is that Glenn doesn't need saving at all, because the whole thing was just a hallucination in the mind of a panicked Nicholas. When the walkers surrounded the dumpster, Nicholas had a total freak out, and the sound was distorted while he took in the situation, and then decided to kill himself, accidentally take down Glenn with him (see the clip above).

Perhaps it's possible that the whole thing from that very first moment of sound distortion is hallucination, and Nicholas is imagining how committing suicide might impact the current situation. It's probably the most unlikely of the scenarios, but still worth bearing in mind.

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