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With so many film's of the horror genre following the paranormal scene instead of your old cult classic slasher movies this film had me interested from the trailers, On all honesty the trailer's did not dissapoint which does not happen very often usually the trailers only show the best bit's, Baring this in mind I know this film was released a little while ago now but just thought I would write up some reviews of older films instead of films we see in the cinema at the minute just to let people know about the sort of films you could be watching this Halloween!

Haunting in Connecticut is a great film which is based on true events which we all know we love a good true event horror to add that extra chill factor! The film is in fact based around a young man who is suffering from a form of cancer and to make his treatment's in a different hospital that they have to travel too they have to move into a home that used to be an old funeral home and yes you know that is not good!.

NOW! down to business the review!! dun dun duuuun!! Most horror films take a while to get into before it all kicks off, but this film kind of doesn't take all that long before we start seeing the effects of this creepy house they are staying in.

Like I have already said I love a good horror based on true events and while watching this movie I often found myself thinking about what it would be like to be in this family's shoes with the hauntings. Mostly i thought how scared the young man must be feeling to be able to see all these things around him and feel so alone not being able to talk to anyone without them thinking that it is the affect of his treatment's.

Jump scares in this film were few and far between but when they do happen they are pretty cool. The scaryness of this film is not extreme but it is pretty psychological when you sit and think "what if that was what this house was like"

or "wonder if anyone is watching me right now and I can't see them"

this film is a good one to be watched on halloween in my view so please

enjoy :D


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