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The end of the week is near and so it is time to acknowledge another bunch of fantastic new Creators. We loved reading your awesome creations and can't wait to see what other work you will be sharing on Moviepilot. Without further ado, let's have a look at this week's crème de la crème, the top 10 posts by new Creators. Welcome to Moviepilot!

1. Lego Tries to Get Scary With These Close-ups of Halloween Monsters!

By Aaron Almeida

It’s ALMOST Halloween and new Creator Aaron Almeida is ready to get his scare on… with Lego. Aaron has taken some of his favorite Halloween-inspired close-ups and has given each and every one of his pieces a backstory to introduce them to us. From Square Foot to Spider Lady, and from the Wacky Witch to the Zombie Businessman, these Lego figures will without a doubt get you into the Halloween spirit. Who knows, maybe they’ll even provide you with some last-minute costume inspiration.

2. The Flash Season 2: What If Nora Allen's Murderer Is Barry Himself?

By Əmmər Shēkh

The Flash is confusing enough of a storyline without the fan theories getting involved. But new creator Əmmər has done just that, whipping up a fantastic (if tragic) what if regarding Nora Allens death. Check it out and be sure to let him know what you think!

3. Horror Film School

By David Ury

The 8 minute festival darling horror short, Augustine stars actors from Breaking Bad (specifically, that ATM machine scene) and American Horror Story alum Shelby Young and Reid Ewing. The film follows a group of kid's visit the cabin of a recently deceased toy maker to find that his toys are still very much alive! The best part? Augustine is now live on Youtube for you to watch!

4. Top 10 Movies Fit For Halloween

By Brett Stiles

Halloween and the days leading up to the big event call for an extensive selection of the scariest, goriest, Halloween-iest movies you can find. Not so into horror flicks? Fear not because Brett Stiles has got you covered. His top 10 will truly get you into that Halloween spirit and who knows, maybe they’ll even make a horror fan out of you? Make a bowl of popcorn, dim the lights and invite some friends over because it’s about to get spooky. Happy Halloween!

5. Star Wars Characters: What Would They Drive?

By Daniel Faris

Ever since the release of “The Force Awakens” trailer the world cannot get enough of Star Wars. We eat, breathe, and sleep Star Wars and, well, you can’t really blame us. Have you ever wondered which ride Han Solo would be pulling up in to take Princess Leia on a date, or which car would be big and strong enough to get Jabba the Hutt from A to B? Daniel Faris is about to answer all your questions. Check out his post and let him know which car is YOUR favorite.

6. The Top Ten Animated Series Based off a Film

By J'tone J Jackson

Nowadays, movies get sequels. But not long ago the only way to continue a story was to get up early Saturday morning and tune in for the animated series. More often than not these shows take great liberties with the source material. Character designs get changed; key elements are missing or added to the story. Sometimes these shows will transcend the very movie they are based on.

7. From Maskophobia to Coulrophobia: Fear Has a Name

By Appaluza

For some Halloween is the best time of the year, for others it’s that time of the year where you’re afraid to leave the house. From clowns and freaky dolls to terrifying masks, Halloween combines the scariest of things, making it a traumatic experience for some. Does the latter apply to you? Well, fear not because you are definitely not alone. Moviepilot Creator Appaluza takes us through the psychology of all these fears, helping us understand why we feel the way we feel.

8. 11 Harry Potter Facts That You Possibly Do Not Know

By Alexandra Chatzianastasiadi

I’m not kidding when I say that Harry Potter IS my childhood (thank you, J.K. Rowling) and as a true Potterhead I want to know everything there is to know about the franchise. New Moviepilot Creator Alexandra Chatzianastasiadi made my day by compiling a list of 11 things I may or may not know about my favorite book series. Are you ready to learn a thing or two? Waste no time and head right on over to her awesome post and don’t forget to share your own Harry Potter fun facts in the comments below.

9. What Points to Luke Skywalker's Possible Death in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

By Gillis Lysell

Although we were all waiting to get a glimpse of Luke Skywalker in the trailers for The Force Awakens he didn't appear. This has led a lot of people into thinking that the hero of the original trilogy will be killed off in the new film. Check out Gillis' post for some compelling evidence.

10. Bratz Reimagined For Halloween

By Christine Kim

What do Bratz dolls and Halloween have in common? If you’re about to respond with “nothing” then think again because new Creator Christine Kim is about to introduce you to Bratz-O-Ween. Turns out us humans aren’t the only ones to dress up and get excited for Halloween. These girls also know a thing or two about terror-ific costumes. From Batman to Frida Kahlo, Christine’s post is definitely worth a visit.

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