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Without stepping on anyone's toes, I'll just say this before, I start. First of all I recognize that there are certain boundaries certain areas that commit to an opinion. There's something called a preconception, a belief and a continuity. All of which I will include in this article.

First, let me talk about an opinion first. What makes up an opinion? Well, the first three up there is kind of the boundaries that I have said before. But other than that, it's just a thought.
Let me put it this way, if somebody says "I like ice-cream" that's an opinion because it's subjective to ones taste, so taste plays a part, and there is many levels of taste, for example "I like Linkin Park" , that thought indicates a certain taste for a kind of music, or rather one genre of music which is classic punk rock or alternative style.

Now let's move on to something harder, say it was an opinion about a popular event or something tragic that happened, like this "I think that Carly Rae Jepsen is better than Taylor Swift", this is a classic example of an opinion about pop culture, indicating that the person prefers Carly Ray Jepsen, now the reason I chose music is because, more and more these days, music is still the one gel that ties us altogether. But let's take it up a notch "I think Divergent is very similar to the Hunger Games" now this opinion is about two separate movies but share the same base medium; being a book and for fans of both genres they could feel that this is insensitive as it does have more differences than there are similarities. But then what about a tragic event then, let's take the recent death of Robin Williams "I miss Robin Williams" Now this is an opinion about the person himself. Although the person in the question might not have known Robin Williams intimately, the person was definitely inspired by his work.

But okay I've given you all these examples but does it truly cover the idea of an opinion. Well as we all know opinions are actually a self collective idea about something or someone. Preconceptions play a very big part in opinions because if they pre-conceive something they would immediately want to judge something that's going on, then, there is a belief, which is part of preconception mainly but, it also has it's own style. Many of us were brought up a certain way, with certain traditions and taboo, that has helped us form an opinion about the outside world. And then continuity, what is continuity? Well it's actually all of the above and not, continuity, is the freedom to choose, the freedom to allow ourselves to take on these said ideas which helped us form the opinion and wonder if the ideas are worth keeping or choose, to be a little more progressive and do a little research on it, which then leads to an opinion based fact, but then that, is another story on it's own. But the thing about it is people can choose what to think about a certain film, story, pop culture reference or anything else that happened, in their own way.

And we are always going to want to argue about the opinion because we want to understand the other person. The key word here operating is understand, and the thing about being a human is wanting to understand choosing to take the time to deconstruct how the person came about the opinion. It's not as simple as "I'm right and you're wrong", because there is a certain take on it, there is a certain care to it. And more often than not, people at the end of the day, would agree to disagree, but at least one of them has an idea of what type of person the other is. That's the other reason we want to understand the opinion, it's because we want to know how this person thinks, how this person works things out, how this person grew up, it's all these reasons and more.

In the end, an exchange of opinions, shouldn't matter as long as it's done properly and appropriately, and it is without a doubt, the singular most important thing to know how the mind deconstructs about a certain subject or particular topic. And that is in itself the very freedom that we sometimes don't allow ourselves to have.


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