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Over the decades, many film sets have had spooky things happen. Mostly, they are small incidences such as lights flickering on and off , people feeling 'tugs' on their clothing during the filming of The Ghost Whisperer starring Jennifer Love-Hewitt, noises happening on Rosemary's Baby, and so on.

Then there are cases when it seems like more than just coincidence. Here are some of my creepiest coincidences on movie sets. I hope you enjoy my choices and that you find out some interesting facts.

The Exorcist

An iconic scene
An iconic scene

The Exorcist was released in 1973 and was subjected to numerous unexplained coincidences. Even the audience was not spared from incidents, as vomiting and fainting were common during the viewing of this movie. However, the cast and crew had more bad luck than you would expect.

1) Across the street from where The Exorcist was premiering, a 16th century cross was struck by lightening and fell to the ground.

2) The actor who played Burke Dennings, Jack MacGowran, succumbed to complications from flu-like symptoms shortly after the film wrapped up production.

3) The set for the MacNeil home featured in the movie burned down. However Regan's room was untouched.

4) At least 8 deaths are associated with production of this movie.

The Omen

It's  all for you, Damien!
It's all for you, Damien!

The Omen has long been known for the 'Omen Curse'. Strange and odd occurences that took place in and outwith the set for the movie that even to this day do not have a rational explaination. Gregory Peck's son, Jonathan Peck, committed suicide a few months before filming began.

1) The Omen's star, Gregory Peck, and the screenwriter, David Seltzer, were both on board planes that were struck by lightening during production of the movie.

2) Special effects director, John Richardson, and his assistant, Liz Moore, were involved in a car accident which decapitated Moore. This has an eerie similarity to a decapitation scene in The Omen. Strangely this happened on Friday the 13th 1976.

4) Peck almost boarded a plane to Israel (a location for the movie) that then crashed and killed everyone on board. Had Peck gotten on that plane he would most certainly would have perished with the others.

The Passion Of The Christ

Jim Caviezel
Jim Caviezel

Mel Gibson's The Passion Of The Christ was always going to be a controversial film. The depiction of Jesus Christ in this brutal film was offensive to a lot of people as, amongst other issues ,many people saw the on-screen violence as blasphemous . However, the controversy surrounding the depiction was just one part of this movies story of strange occurrences!

1) Actor Jim Caviezel suffered many injuries on the set of this movie. He had a dislocated shoulder, pneumonia, hypothermia and had a piece of flesh removed during a 'fake' whipping scene.

2) Jim Caviezel along with assistant director Jan Michelini, were both also struck by lightening. Surprisingly, this was the second time that Jan Michelini had been struck by lightening!

Poltergeist (1982)

'They're here...'
'They're here...'

Poltergeist was a ground-breaking movie at the time of its release in 1982. This movie is about strange things beginning to happen to a family who ultimately find out that their house is built on an ancient burial ground. Plus they used real skeletons for props in the movie because fake ones were to expensive! However, the things going on with the cast, crew and set are even creepier!

1) Dominique Dunne, who played the eldest sister, Dana, was strangled to death by her boyfriend 4 months after the film was released.

2) The young actress Heather o'Rourke, who played the iconic child Carol Anne in the movie, passed away rather suddenly at the age of 12. The fact that she was so young when she died was shocking to many.She died due to cardiac arrest as a result of toxic shock. There was a misdiagnosis of an intestinal issue, leading to death of the young star.

The Conjuring

Lorraine Warren played by Vera Famiga
Lorraine Warren played by Vera Famiga

The Conjuring was released in 2013 and is based on the true story of the Perron family. The Perron family had been experiencing bangs in the middle of the night, their children could feel a presence , Carolyn the mother in the Perron family was left feeling lethargic and many other strange things happened. If that is not enough to be creepy on its own, then some of the eerie things that happened during filming may change your mind!

1) Vera Famiga's laptop had 3 strange claw marks across the screen while she was filming the Conjuring. This took place in her home and is one of the reasons she would not allows the script in her home.She also became terrified when reading the script at night.

2) The Perron family visited the set and were engulfed in a wind that only surrounded them. Other crew members noted that the trees were not moving when the wind was blowing.While being surrounded by the odd wind, Carolyn Perron felt a negative presence and fell - ending up in hospital.

3) James Wan, the director of the movie, was in his house when his dog became tormented by an unseen entity. The dog was barking and stared at something unseen. Wan went to investigate, but could find no cause for the dog's barking.

Coincidences have been happening every since man has been around to notice. There are truly remarkable things that happen, for example, Joseph Figlock . In the 1930's Detroit Mr Figlock was walking down a street when a baby fell from a high window onto him. They both survived . One year later Mr Figlock was walking down the same street and the same baby again fell onto him. They both survived.

There are also unfortunate coincidences like Bermuda 1975. A gentleman was struck and killed by a taxi driver. A year later his brother was then struck and killed by the same taxi, with the same driver carrying the same passenger. The brother also happened to be riding the same moped on which the first brother was struck and killed on.

What do you think? Are they coincidences or something else? I would love to hear your thoughts! Until next time folks-Ciao!



Coincidence Or Curse?


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