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It seems that this past year has been the ultimate worst when it comes to love—we've seen cruel cheating allegations, crumbling relationships and shattered marriages arise from every corner of Hollywood.

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have waved their relationship goodbye, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner called it quits, Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani threw in the towel, and Megan Fox and Brian Austin bitterly announced their divorce. By the looks of things, I'm surprised many of us haven't just given up on everything altogether at the sight of so much heartbreak.

Thankfully, there's a silver lining. While 2015 has been a difficult year, there are still a great number of loved-up duos out there that are going strong.

Here are six of them:

1. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

Will and Jada have been married for almost two decades, over which time they have been plagued with cheating allegations, open relationship gossip and divorce rumors.

Yet, no matter what might be being said about them, the Smiths' response to marriage has always been very real and honest.

For example, Jada is the first to admit that marriage is hard work, riddled with ups and downs. Speaking recently to American Way Magazine, she admitted that she and her husband simply weather the next obstacle together, including false speculations:

"Every year there’s a new one. And I’m like, ‘Here we go. Get ready. Are ya holdin’ on tight? Marriages go through shifts. And relationships go through shifts because in life, things shift. So people are automatically like, ‘What’s going on? They must be getting a divorce.’ Well, no.."

2. Freddie Prince Jr. and Sarah Michelle Geller

After getting together for the first time in 1997, these two have continued to fly the flag of love to this day. Notoriously private about their relationship, the couple got married in 2002 and have two beautiful children together.

A true celeb love story!

3. David and Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice and Golden Balls are going from strength to strength with each year. Coming up to two decades together, the couple have accomplished an incredible amount and have cemented themselves into the leagues of Hollywood royalty. All of this, despite David's bout of bad behavior back in 2004 with the family's nanny. Tsk!

Yet, like the strong couple they are, they got over this rough patch and continue to live life to the fullest, together in blissful Beverly Hills.

4. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

They've had quite a tumultuous relationship but it's a testament to their love that they are still together after almost 35 years.

Over the years, Sharon has also openly spoken out about instances of domestic violence and drug addiction riddling their time together. Yet today, they are closer than ever—it seems like they are definitely in it for the long haul!

5. Beyoncé and Jay Z

Jayoncé are essentially the equivalent of royalty in the music industry and are still going strong despite all the merciless hype surrounding them at all times.

They've performed together, won Grammys together, coordinated their outfits together, drank wine together and even had their beautiful baby girl Blue Ivy together.

6. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Is this the most solid relationship in Hollywood history? I think so!

Not once has Tom and Rita's marriage been plagued with even an inkling of infidelity rumors. And they are so perfect together, I doubt they even argue.

They've been together for 27 years—here's to another 27!



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