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Netflix might be launching earlier than it reported this year in South Africa.

Netflix is releasing earlier than expected in South Africa. The error screen that used to show ‘content not available in your region’ has recently been replaced with ‘coming soon’ in that part of the globe.

Roku media players are not showing the errors when users tried to watch any Netflix content but instead, it shows ‘Good news! Netflix will be coming soon to this part of the world. Stay tuned.’

Clearly, the error screens are now updated leading to the conclusion of the network launching early in the region. Fans from the country are very excited after this news. However, this is the case with Roku users only, and other platforms, such as PlayStation 4, Samsung’s TVs, smartphone, etc., are still not updated and the error is the just like previous, unfortunately showing ‘not available in your region’ to the users trying to access any of the content from the video streaming services company from South Africa’s IP address.

Earlier reports stated that the company would launch its services in the beginning of 2016 but it has plans to release it by the end of this year, which can contribute to its international expansions. The company has a goal to reach 200 countries by 2016.

The early launch in South Africa is not a shock, as the live video streaming company is attempting to enter Asian countries since long. It launched in Japan recently and reports of other expansions in the beginning of 2016 include countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. It wants to create a strong ground for it to stand on in Asia Pacific but this is not the only region it has its eyes on. It has expanded its offices in European countries, such as Spain, Italy, and Portugal.

Netflix’s website shows its operations in 81 countries allowing it to achieve 65.5 million subscribers reported in its second quarter for 2015. It is going to reach its global expansion in shorter period than expected by spectators clearly but it has to know how to manage with so much on its plate and maintain its name in the market, while offering the high quality content and the vast variety its subscribers.

Users acknowledge superior quality and enjoy the streaming service. Promotional offers further attract them by providing value. Analysts are predicting a high spike for the company in this region.

Netflix stock closed at $105.08 on October 28.


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